Tuesday, September 4, 2012

It takes a village

Here are a few pictures from Chelsea and Barb's visit to NC to meet Greyson and "deliver" my girlies. Kennedy obviously still adores Chelsea, but Avery has taken right to her as if she's spent as much time with her as Kennedy...it's really sweet. I'm sure Greyson will share their affinity for all things Chelsea and I can't blame him if he does - I love her to pieces too!
 Despite me being sad we weren't all under one roof for their visit to NC, it was a bonus that their hotel had a pool - Kennedy certainly thought so anyways! Avery had been a bit fussy and seemingly under the weather so Kennedy, Greyson and I headed over for a swim.
 Buddies ~ look at that grin on her face!
 One of the few pictures I have of him sleeping (not while being held anyway) - he slept pretty much the entire time we were swimming (thank you Jesus!).
 Whenever he got fussy, Grandma Barb came to his rescue! Thanks Barb!
 After our swim, we headed back to their room to get changed and I snapped these precious pictures of my big girl talking to her little brother....they are so stinkin' sweet:

 It's taking some creative efforts on mine and Tim's part to figure out how to ensure the big girls are getting the attention that they need now that there's a baby in the house. The Sunday that Chels and her Mom left, Tim took Kennedy out for a little Daddy/daughter time and hike to Reedy Creek Nature Center:
 Melissa has been a help too - whisking a kid away now and then to give me a little break. Here she is taking Avery for a whirl in Declan's new fancy bike seat:

 My Mom came back that Sunday to help me with the kiddos because I wasn't sure I was ready to fly solo just yet. She stayed Sunday to Wednesday and then my Dad came in. Dad just left yesterday. Anyhow - Mom is great with babies...if only the big sisters would leave her alone long enough to get more moments like this:
 see what I mean?!
Now to share some of the "newborn photos" I took of Greyson. I should have taken them the first week we were home, but between nursing and trying to sleep and recover I just flat didn't get it done. So...he wasn't all drowsy and sleepy like I would have wanted him in order to pose him for sweet little sleepy newborn photos and alas, once I was "set up" I just did the best I could. The one day that week that I chose was going to be sunny according to the forecast so I figured lighting would be stellar, but it was overcast and gray: of course! Anyhow...without further ado:
 This one just makes me laugh!


I've been completely and totally spoiled by my friend Jes Meeker who has always taken my kiddos pictures, but sadly since we moved she isn't accessible. =( The pictures didn't turn out ANYTHING like I'd hoped or wanted, but they capture the age and size of my sweet boy and ultimately that is what newborn photos are for, right? I'm going to try to take some more photos of him at 4 weeks...which is like a week away (craziness!) and hopefully they don't look so utterly amateur. Hopefully....


  1. Love the pics, especially the one with the finger on his chin! He looks like a thoughtful child! And the tie outfit is precious!!! His expressions crack me up!

  2. I love those bike seats. They look like fun! I can't believe how much G looks like his sisters. One pic looks so much like K and another looks just like A!

  3. Oh, Greyson is so handsome!!! It looks like you are doing so well as a mama of 3! I have a lot of faith in you, sister! I love all the pictures you posted... even if a certain little girl snuck in. Too cute! I hope y'all have a fabulous weekend together!