Saturday, September 1, 2012

My girls have been home a little over a week now. I've had my taste of life with three and it's going to be  BUSY, BUSY, BUSY...just like every friend and stranger have been saying to me since I basically found out I was pregnant and would be having two kids 17 months apart ("you're going to be busy"). every friend and were right! My view of life with three is probably still a little jaded because I've had help and will have help until Monday afternoon when my Dad and Kathy depart and then it's all me. I'll be honest with you - I'm skeered, but I know I will survive by taking it one day at a time.

Like I was saying in my last post - it was hard to let my girls go to WV after we brought Grey home, but here's the evidence of just how spoiled they were while they were away:

Their first night in WV, they were invited to attend a birthday party for a family friend and Kennedy dressed in her "best" for the party. The hostess was kind enough to set them up their own little party table:
Kennedy did a little performing while she was at the party too:
If she learns from the birthday girl, she'll be learning from the BEST...sweet Elizabeth is an extremely talented pianist:
The girls got to visit Camden Park while they were with Nana and Pawpaw and this picture (although dark) pretty much captures Kennedy's enthusiasm about the trip:
such fun memories
These next couple pictures of the girls riding rides together are just too cute & I had to share:

In addition to a birthday party and trip to Camden Park they had play dates and movie night and fun times at the church and Lord only knows what else - they are LOVED for sure and I'm so thankful!
As I said, it's been super busy around here since the girls returned (fun, but busy) so I'm even more thankful for some of the peaceful moments we were able to have with Grey while they were away:
meeting Maggie
and Catherine
sleeping that peaceful newborn sleep, which is no longer around sadly :(
he got his first sponge bath that week
and Daddy was able to work from home while Greyson snoozed wherever and whenever (again...something that is no longer present: ha!).
sweet feet

snuggling with Aunt Melissa and cousin Declan
An evening walk! As you can imagine with a 17 month old and almost 5 year old (not pictured because they weren't here)- taking a walk is a bit more involved...we're trying to figure it out though.
Chelsea and her mom Barb brought Kennedy and Avery back and I have some sweet pictures of their time here (which I'll share in my next posting). I am so very grateful that they made such a long trip just to meet my little man and bring my girls back - I only wish I'd had more time with them while they were here (newborns have a way of hogging your time you know?) I kid, I kid....kind of. I took a swing at taking Greysons newborn photos while the girls were away too so I need to share a few of those as well. The time is flying and my hands are so full most hours of the day that I can't seem to find time to do ANYTHING besides Mommy and although I'm a "doer" I'm trying to be ok with that being the only thing I can do because after all - it's the MOST important of my jobs!
In other news, we finally found a purchased a new home this week. Our home search has been so long and so exhausting and so depressing (at times) that I've not shared the details of it with many people....I was just trying to deal with it in the only way I knew how which was to keep my head up and continue praying that God would show us the way and provide. Well, Chelsea and her Mom left this past Sunday and the night prior we were emailed the listing to this home. Tim called the realtor and we went to see the house the following day after my Mom arrived and could keep the girls. We've been steering clear of the "cookie-cutterish" houses/neighborhoods because 1. I'm not a huge fan of them, 2. we really wanted a ranch style home 3. they often times newer construction seems less quality 4. we were hoping for some space (as in...I can't spit on my neighbors house kind of space). Well - this house is in what I would call a cookie cutter neighborhood, however, we were able to check a lot of our other pre-requisite boxes (on a cul-desac: check, adequate square footage: check, fenced in yard: check, two car garage: check, 4 bedrooms: check, playroom area: check). In addition to our pre-req's it has some extra bonuses: neighborhood pool and playground (RIGHT NEXT DOOR!!!), very little work to be done outside of small cosmetic changes, great school district, and more than enough space for our family. The home is further outside of Charlotte than what I had hoped for, but I don't foresee that being the BIG issue I had initially seems most people around here commute in some way or another so I'm sure we'll adapt.  Anyhow - I am excited, but I don't know that it has presented itself as excitement because I know what stress lies ahead with a move (having just done this) and of course I'm exhausted 24/7. I am so glad we will be in our own space soon - it will be so good for the girls and for our whole family. I know my sister and brother in law will be happy to have their home back to themselves too. I think my excitement will build as the time nears and the "to-do's" get done and Greyson is sleeping more so I'm not a zombie (ha!).  As I said earlier - one day at a time, right? So, without further ado - here is our new home:


  1. So excited that you all found a house! I know how frustrating that can be...especially with a newborn. I am so nervous about life with 3. Obviously, I know it is going to be crazy busy, and I can just imagine what the days are going to be like. I'm a bit scared....

  2. Love the pictures of the girls! They are so sweet. And the pics of Greyson...sigh. I can't wait to meet and hold him! The caption of "sweet feet" above his sweet feet threw me at first; I looked at Tim's feet in the above picture! HAHAA! :) YAY for your new HOME! Love you.

  3. I love your new house and it reminds me a lot of the one in Nicholasville, but a mirror image. So gald you are enjoying having all the kids together even if you are tired!

  4. wow! Congrats Lindsy! Seems crazy how big your family has grown! Miss you, love you, and so happy for you!