Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Fun Times

When Tim gets home at night it's craziness - the girls are ALL OVER HIM - literally. It's like our own version of Taylor WWF in the basement. Kennedy is all into being rolled up into a "burrito" right now. They take turns, but they also get rolled up together too:
super silly sisters
Greyson is doing pretty well sleeping at night, but the boy only wants to nap in someones arms. Sadly, with three kids my arms are often occupied. Here is a rare on his own napping moment - it was too sweet not to photograph it.
He had his 4 week check up last week and has gained 2 lbs. since his birth putting him at 10 lb 12 oz and the Dr. seemed really pleased with that. Honestly, with how often he nurses I'm surprised he didn't weigh more. He was 50th percentile for weight and 10th for height (shock and awe) and like 90 something for head circumference (he gets his smarts from his Daddy). He got his Hepatitis shot at his appointment because we elected not to get it at the hospital and here's a picture of his little boo-boo.
Shortly after I moved here I discovered from a friend that one of my high school girlfriends lived close by. Thanks to Facebook I'd kept up with her a bit but we hadn't actually talked in ages...since before I had Kennedy. Well, since we are so close I messaged her on Facebook and we've gotten together a few times. Last week another one of our friends from high school was planning to come in town to stay with her and her little boy was born like a week before Greyson. She and I have known each other since we were little and our parents actually used to be good friends, but again - we've only been in touch through Facebook. The get together was fun and full of kiddos - here we all are: Jennifer, Summer and I. Greyson wasn't really in the mood for a photo.
Summer and I with our boys. I wish I had my scrapbooks here with me because she and I were in Brownies together ages ago and I'm pretty sure I have a photo of it.
A perk to living in a bigger city like this is all the local programming with the parks and recreation, the ymca, etc. Tim signed he and Kennedy up for some of the programs offered through the local Nature Preserve and this past Saturday they went to a Family Bug Hunt. Here's my little bug catcher with her net:  
She "caught" several things, but she was most proud of her wire worm capture. I couldn't really tell you much about wire worms, but I can tell you she was super excited she'd caught one.
Avery had her first real hair cut last week. I've cut her hair but this was her first trip somewhere to get her hair cut. Greyson screamed the entire time we were in the salon, but thankfully the hair dresser was most understanding and gave my girl a sweet first hair cut.
Before: a little business in the front, party in the back if you will.
After - much better! 
The typical - seriously, more pictures face?!?!?
We are hanging in there around here - Greyson has good days and bad days as far as fussiness goes and I'm just trying to ride those waves in between and still be alert and present for my girls. I'm trying to just get out and do as much as possible with the girls and endure the crying that comes because I know it's good for us all to get out. I'm SO TIRED though! =) I keep reminding myself it will pass and just to hang in there...the Lord blessed me with these children and he wouldn't give me more than I can handle, right? I can do this! Speaking of that...I read a really encouraging blog posting for us Mommies and thought I'd share it.

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  1. Mean muggin after her haircut! She is flipping adorable. And I love that your girls like to be transformed into burritos. A blanket can be anything!! I remember my brother "gift wrapping" his toys with our afghans one year after Christmas. He loved us to be surprised when we opened our "presents!". I can't wait to read that blog....needing serious pick-me-up. But right now duty/mommy hood calls....