Friday, September 21, 2012

New Experiences

Kennedy started gymnastics class at the YMCA last week. The class was a little chaotic and with toting Greyson around in the Moby I opted for a less crowded class time and we began in the new class this morning - it was MUCH more structured (PTL). The great thing about class at the YMCA is that because I have a membership there, Avery can go play with friends in the play place while I am allowed to watch Kennedy without chasing Avery around (now I do have to sway the entire time to keep Greyson content in the wrap but that + chasing Avery would be way worse). Here's my little gymnast in action:

Props to Aunt Melissa for the sweet little leotard - it was her birthday present! Super cute!
We attended a little festival prior to Uncle Steve's last football game and there were rides, food, bounce houses, etc. (a child's dream...if you will). Kennedy was super excited about it all and I'm just in constant amazement about the support that school receives for ALL THINGS - people seriously come out in droves dressed from head to toe in the school colors like it's a college tailgate.
My brave girl even wanted to attempt the rock climbing wall! At first they weren't going to let her because it was a 46 lb. minimum, but she looked so downtrodden after waiting in line only to be told that she couldn't do it, that they let her. She could basically let go and she wouldn't move because she wasn't heavy enough for the bungee to gently lower her back to the ground. They had a rope tied to her harness so they could pull her down once she was done: ha! She didn't make it to the top to ring the bell, but she did REALLY well for how little bitty she is. That's my girl!  

Poor Avery wanted to do something so bad, but everything was over run with "big kids". Luckily the bounce house guy allowed smaller kids like Avery and older siblings only in for a turn and Avery just cackled and cackled - she LOVED it! Here they are having a sweet moment while waiting in line.

Mom and son proudly supporting their Country Day school colors! Go Bucs!
I started  my involvement in local BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) and MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) groups last week as well. Some people would call me crazy getting out so soon in a new area with a baby, but I've got to GET OUT - it's just my personality. I'm social and my kids are social and we're an active family so I'm thrilled that Lord willing we'll have new friends with kiddos in no time! The groups are very different - BSF is going to challenge me to be in the Word like NEVER before and I'm so excited to grow in my walk with the Lord and just really dig in  with some fellow Mommies/believers. MOPS has already been a blessing and encouragement to me as a mother - several of those ladies brought me food after I had Greyson and just made me feel welcomed and loved. Now...getting out of the house for said groups can present it's own set of challenges and I end up having to get rather creative with the kiddos to keep them entertained and or get them motivated. Here is an example of one such situation. I never let Kennedy rummage through my cabinets or pour out the contents of baggies, baskets, boxes. Truthfully, I was too OCD to allow her to make up a mess I'd ultimately have to clean up. Maybe that's an admission that sounds silly but it's true. Well...enter kid three and I don't even care whats on the floor as long as it gives me some peace and quiet to get some things done. Believe it or not these bottles of nail polish sat on the floor like this for half of the day before I had time to clean them up. Oh well!

Last Saturday we went with Melissa and Steve to the local Greek Festival. There were vendor tents, kids activities and music, but ultimately people go for the food. They ordered pitas but yours truly...ordered a hot dog (ha!). I'm so picky, though much LESS picky than I used to be. Regardless, everything was onion laden and the onion must be mostly cooked beyond recognition for me to tolerate eating, I ordered a hot dog and some Greek fries (yum!). It was super sunny and hot and crowded so we basically ate and ran but it was still a fun experience:

Poor Greyson - I have a feeling all of his pictures will look about like this until he's like one: ha! Survival, right?!?

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  1. Survival, sister. Survival. :) I love that Avery not only has a ton of nail polish out, but also has a ton of beads on!! Hilarious! And so impressed with Kennedy! What a champ with her gymnastics and rock climbing!