Sunday, September 9, 2012


Yesterday was Kennedy's fifth birthday. It's hard for me to believe she's five. Wow! Her "party" is planned for next weekend (a trip with her cousins to the NC zoo). When I asked her on Friday evening what she would like to do on her actual birthday (you know...something special) she replied quickly with: "I want to go out to dinner with just you and Avery or can even leave Greyson a bottle." Clearly homegirl had thought this whole thing through, right? Impressive! So...thanks to Aunt Melissa we were able to go out just the three of us but the schedule needed tweaking a tad I'm so not leaving my sister with her 1 year old, my 18 month old and my 4 week old in the evening) so we did breakfast at the local pancake house. Here's the birthday girl with her strawberry pancakes:

~just the three of requested by the birthday girl~
birthday love from baby brother
We've been saving her mailed birthday packages, so she got to open presents after breakfast. Pool sinker toys and a cool Melissa and Doug book from her cousin, Aunt Angel and Uncle Carl.
Littlest Pet Shop toys from Grandaddy & Gigi
The toy she REALLY wanted came from Tim and I- a Dream Lite. This little toy is made by the makers of Pillow Pets and I'm not sure why she wanted it so bad. As much as I don't want to spoil my girl - I could tell as her birthday approached, she was going to be super disappointed if she didn't get this dream lite. I'm glad we were able to get it for her because she and  her sister both have been ALL ABOUT IT since Daddy inserted the batteries! I totally remember being a kid and having things that I just had to have and I also remember how excited I got when I actually got them....I wanted her to have that moment.  What I'm not so glad about is that of all the dream lite animal options - she chose the rainbow unicorn. Seriously! She discovered this toy while watching educational cartoons on's like a sick trick - she wants all the "As Seen On TV" crap that they advertise during the commercials. Sigh
The Littlest Pet Shops were a big hit as well:
Another special part of Kennedy's birthday each year has been her cake....I make them and try to "deliver" what she wants. For months now she has been saying she wants a dog and cat cake. She has had the colors and all planned out for a while (down to the stripes and polka dots!!). Sheesh: no pressure! Yesterday she helped me make her cake. 
Helps is code for - lick the beaters!
I thought I would take this time to take a stroll down memory/birthday/cake lane: 
One year birthday - Ladybug party and cake 
Two year birthday - Turtle party and cake
Three year birthday - spa party and Cinderella cake (a bakery made this one because we were in NC with cousins)
Four year birthday - Sleeping Beauty party and cake
Five year birthday - dog and cat cakes
After cake completion we skyped with Nana and Pawpaw and Kennedy opened her gift from them: a dog with carrier and vet toys. I don't have pictures because I was knee deep in icing and we were skyping, but she LOVES it.

After dinner and cake, the birthday girl skyped with Aunt Angel, Honey and Big Jim & then we began operation "get to church as a family of five without being majorly late". This sweet boy hung out with his Aunt Melissa while some of said prepping was done. 
 Kennedy had a great 5th birthday and we are all looking forward to our trip to the zoo next weekend!


  1. Happy Birthday, Sweet Kennedy! Hope your day was as wonderful as it looks in all those pictures! I'm so glad I got to watch you grow for a few short years! The Stouts think you are great and we all love you!

  2. Gosh, 5!!! Seems like we were just having your shower for her! Such a beautiful family on the inside as well as the outside!! Love you girl!

  3. 5 years?!? I can't believe it!! Where has the time gone? We still have the pic of her with her cupcake from last year on the fridge! Sorry I wasn't on it enough to get a card in the mail:( And the Dream Light? Um that is one of A's favorite commercials. It comes on during Sprout and she has to stop and watch the entire thing. Guess they know how to market to kids. So glad you got her one!!

  4. This hurts me. I seriously cannot get over that she is 5!!!!!! I mean, make time stop. She is such a pretty little girl, and I am glad for her that she got some one-on-one time with her momma and dad!