Thursday, June 12, 2008

Ready ready ready ready to run

As you all week hasn't been that productive in the exercise department. I am happy to report that came to a halt this morning. Courtney and I met bright and early and hit the road for a 5 miler. I have missed it. I just feel so great after a good run - it makes the whole day better! Thanks Courtney! You are the best!

I should add to this posting a little fun fact about the bugs that have settled over Nicholasville in Biblical proportions. The little "winged beasts" as I have affectionately taken to calling them are called Cicadas. I will post a link to give those who are interested some scientific/factual information but what you need to know is that they are AWFUL! I can't even take Kennedy for her evening stroll because they literally dive bomb her in her stroller. They create a constant deafening buzz in the air and their dead bodies are littering the streets - yuck! So...we ran into some of them this AM and I warned Courtney that if they touched me I would lose grip on reality - literally. Luckily we didn't have to deal with any getting on us today. This week one followed me in the building for work this week on the back of my neck and when I realized - you would have thought I was having a full on heart attack. I screamed and had after shock heebie jeebies for like an hour afterwards. Supposedly they are here until the end of June and I am counting the days until the little punks are gone for good.

Some good news - I spoke with our local Zaxby's manager this week and she has agreed to let me do a fund raiser one night at her restaurant. Yippee! Of course I don't want to do it without my buddy so Janine and I plan to create a brochure and invite all our friends. We will get 10% of all sales from like 6-9 pm on our evening of choice. Hopefully we will have our 75% of funds before recommitment day (6-28-08) and then Zaxby's night will rap us up. That day is rapidly approaching and she and I both have a long way to go!

We have swim lessons tonight so I will post again tomorrow. Thanks to all of those of you who are following me through this journey. It helps me to know that I have such awesome support.

The winged beast link:

Photos of the disgusting evil beings:

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  1. ugh---thank God those aweful bugs are only around every 17ish years..