Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Blah, blah, blah...

This week has been a wash so far. Saturday, Janine and I met at the Tates Creek Pool for a little swim lesson and to say it was overcrowded is an understatement. The pool was crawling with people - it was insane. I am a little claustrophobic and I already have heightened anxiety associated with swimming so it was more of a disaster than a lesson. Kids kept swimming in and out of the one swim lane that pool has and I just couldn't focus. I was getting more frustrated than getting a workout so I called it short quickly. It turns out discouraging situations are not a good thing for a beginning swimmer like myself. I was super bummed and told Janine I reserve the right to bow out of the tri and go for the duathlon if swimming doesn't get any easier. Obviously that was frustration talking because on the drive home I again reminded myself of the patients we are training for and how their struggles are much worse than our training sessions. So...back in the saddle on Thursday for our next swim lesson. I have decided that until I am a much more confident swimmer - public pool swimming is totally off limits. Back to my sanctuary - the UK pool. =)

I haven't been able to run with Courtney this week either because we declared Monday as my rest day and then Tim was out of town this AM and tomorrow AM so I don't have anyone to watch Kennedy so I can go run. Sorry Courtney...I am not much of a running buddy lately.

I did have a volleyball game tonight and that was fun but we lost - boo! Sorry for the melancholy blog - hopefully I will have a more positive one for you before the weeks end.

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