Thursday, June 5, 2008

Holy Heat Batman!

It has been a crazy week so far. Monday Courtney and I took the day off from running because I hadn't had a rest day. Tuesday, Courtney drove from Richmond to meet me to run and it was thundering and lightening outside so she sacked out on the couch and I stayed up with my child who is cutting more teeth at one time than anyone should ever have to. Wednesday it was calling for rain so we cancelled plans to run and then it didn't rain - go figure. The team was running together last night at the Arboretum again so I figured what the heck - I will join them and get my run in for the day. I should start by saying it was 80 + degrees outside and humid as heck! Yuck! I was sweating and panting and feeling nauseated but James and I ran the first lap together with Peanut (his dog) leading the way. The second lap I was solo and thank God for my Ipod or I would have walked because it was soooooooo hot. I have gotten so used to running in the morning that running in the afternoon was a bigger adjustment than I thought. Courtney and I got back to our normal this morning and ran but it is still super humid. We cut our run short by about 1/2 a mile because I am a little sore from yesterday (new courses will do that) and Courtney hasn't run since last week because of the insane weather. It was a good run but I will say that the heat and sore muscles had me wanting to toss my cookies a couple of times (sorry if that's TMI for you). Anyhow...its off to the pool tonight so tomorrows post should be interesting. Our coach (Susan) is out of town so she has left me in charge of teaching first time swimmer James the drills - lets all take a moment to laugh audibly at that! Ha! Me, teach someone anything that has to do with water - that's hilarious! Anyhow - I will surely have funny tales to tell tomorrow. Until then......


  1. LOL - you're a great instructor! I don't think you should try to bump Susan off yet though...
    I've caught up on all your blogs and must say you are really good at it. Loving the pictures too, they really add a lot. Anywho, hope you have a great weekend. I'll be running and riding with you in spirit (Brett got my bike & trainer working!). Be safe out there girl!!!

  2. YAY Linds---I wish I could be such a runner like you :) See you Bright and Early (B&E) tomorrow!