Friday, June 13, 2008

Just Keep Swimming...Just Keep Swimming

Well I will start off this post by telling you about our AM run. It was crazy humid and Courtney and I both had sore muscles but we perservered. We completed a 4 mile run with two speed sessions in between - go us!

The swim: well, where do I begin? The new pool times kinda stink first of all. As soon as I got there Susan ordered (and I do mean ordered) to "get in the pool right away, we only have an hour you know?" The pool is packed at that time because of recreational swim so James and I were sharing a lane with two non-english speaking girls who were more interested in social hour at the pool rather than swimming hour. Need I say more? Once recreational swim ended at about 7:00 I was soooo super thankful because we could actually swim for pete's sake. Shortly after the pool cleared out Susan told me to take off my flippers because she said she felt as though I was becoming dependent on them (well duh!). I took off the flippers and attempted to do my drills for the remainder of the practice. Susan left early and our one mentor who was there was swimming herself so it was kinda blah. Anyhow..I thought I would share with you a fond memory that was helping me to stay motivated throughout my swim. Enjoy!

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