Saturday, September 27, 2014

A little impromptu photo session

My Mom is one of two girls. Her sister lives in Georgia. The two sisters have gotten closer as the years have passed and it seems one of their greatest joys in life is "talking grand kids". You know - sharing the latest stories, tales and funny moments that their daughters' have had with their kids. My Aunt has three children but only one of them has had her own children (thus far) and then of course I've three sisters and we've all got kiddos so there are LOTS of stories to share. When we were younger, us kids we were super close as cousins but the years and distance have separated us more than I could have imagined and now it's pretty much stories through our Moms and or pictures on Facebook that keep us in touch with one another. 

On one of my Moms visits with my Aunt, my Aunt sent her back with a little gift for Avery that took a bit for Avery to grow in to but once it fit her I knew I needed to document it! See for yourself:

I almost die when I look at these....they are so precious. When I say it was impromptu - I MEAN it. I literally just walked her out the front door and squatted down with the camera and with no instruction or guidance the rest just happened - she's a hoot. 

She calls this her " beautiful ice cream dress". If picking out clothes was solely up to her, she would wear this outfit every single day. She's obsessed! 

I must's pretty cute. Thanks for the sweet gift Aunt K - it has clearly been a BIG hit. 

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  1. I am OBSESSED! This is absolutely adorable! You are making me want a DAUGHTER so badly! Ha!!! I love all of your children...but this child has more personality than any other kid...and so much of it shows in your pics of her. I LOVE IT. :)