Thursday, September 18, 2014

Pickin', pickin' and more pickin'

The Monday following the July 4th weekend, sister and I went blueberry pickin'. We enjoyed our berries so much from the farm where we picked last year that we went back to the same exact place. Morning Glory Farms is predominately a wedding/events locale located on a family farm but in the front of the main attraction part of the property is this field of blueberry, blackberry and raspberry bushes. The berries aren't sprayed with any chemicals, there is no touristy's just you, a bucket, some plastic bags and the good ole' honor leave your money for what you picked. 
I like simple. 

Speaking of last year, I went back to my posting from last year and cannot believe how much our kiddos' have changed since then. Crazy! 

For some reason produce picking has been an entirely different thing this year than last. It seems as though even having gone on or around the same weekends this year as last - things just haven't been as "ready" as they were last year. I'm talkin' size, flavor, etc. Well, as it turns out, the smaller the berry - the harder to pick. So: this year was a bit of an adventure. We left the babes at home with the Daddies and just took the older kids thinking that they'd be pro-pickers and we'd be done lickety split. We thought wrong....very wrong. The kids did have fun and they did pick some berries. Key word being some. They just weren't in to it and I'm not sure why but we've decided we'll potentially strategize a bit better next year because we essentially refereed between sweating buckets and picking predominately by ourselves. Awesome. 
 These were taken right after our arrival when it was fun and exciting. Don't let them fool you. Their exuberance was short lived. 
 I will say that the prize picker kid award for the day goes to K though it likely should since she's the oldest. 

 I mean seriously - look what we were working with. Sheesh! 
 In the end, we each picked two gallons of berries and had plenty to eat and freeze but if it were just she and I we would've picked more. Blueberries are so easy to freeze it's kind of a no-brainer. Love me some blueberries.
 Me and my "assistants". 

We made blueberry muffins (Court - so glad you shared this recipe with me!) and a delicious blueberry cobbler within those next few days after picking. Yum. This is making my mouth water. 

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  1. Mmmmmm!!!! Blueberries! Blueberry muffins! Blueberry cobbler! Mmmmmm!!! Have you ever made (or had) a blueberry pie? I thought about it this summer, but ended up using the blueberries in my morning smoothies instead.