Thursday, September 11, 2014

Summertime Togetherness

Tonight. Tonight my husband gave me the "night off" to just do what I wanted, go where I wanted. I wanted to accomplish two things: 1. write a blog and 2. order some new prints for my frames because I've not  updated since I was pregnant with Avery. I'm embarrassed to admit that, yet it is true. 

Apparently when you upload files of a decent size it takes a sweet forever which means it'll be a miracle if I get even 1/3 of the prints ordered that I wanted to. Bugger. 

Looking back through the professional pictures we've had done over the last 2 years plus digging a little for a few photos I wanted to put in this blog post has left me an emotional puddle. Hormones? Maybe. I just feel like my life is whirring by and I'm never "caught up". What does that mean anyways and does it matter? My dog needs groomed. My car needs washed. My Grandmomma's table that I've been re-painting for what feels like ages sits half finished in my garage and I really want it done but I just can't keep up with my list of "want to do's" amidst my list of "have to do's" like laundry, cleaning bathrooms, cooking, homework with Kennedy, etc. Sometimes my lines get blurred between the two and I when I feel myself losing grip I force myself to prioritize and thus the "want to's" (like this blog) they sit.There just aren't enough hours and these little people they are changing so rapidly. Some of what I'm posting NOW from JULY...they've already changed. I'm usual. They go to sleep each night and wake up each morning with no concern for whether or not I'm caught up on ANYTHING. Why do I care? Why do I compare myself to the one who seems like she's got it all together. She's got photos printed and blogs written and fashionable clothes and money and TIME that I feel like I don't have. Well, I'm not her and she's not me and I'm about to have another child which will = even less time and what do I want them, the people I love most in this world to say about remember about me? I want them to feel like I was here...not constantly in another world, working on another task, another job, another "want". For now what that means is I appreciate my "night off". I print some photos but maybe not all I wanted to and I blog because it makes me happy and I deserve this little piece of happiness even though I'm behind. I face tomorrow's list tomorrow and I realize that in the grand scheme of things the list doesn't mean as much as I think it does. 

For now, I'm going to reflect on togetherness. The togetherness we had over the summer was precious. I miss Kennedy so much when she is at school and I adored having her home over the summer. For moments like this and so many others: 
 Now that Kennedy is reading she is DEVOURING books and I do mean devouring. It's no big deal for this girl to read anywhere from 3-5 chapter books a week. For realz. It's insane. I love that she enjoys reading so much. 
 I'm so thankful that my kids seem to enjoy cooking as much as I do. I took these when we were working on Daddy's birthday cake. My little helpers. 
 Sweet moments....together. 
 Before it got too awfully hot, Jennifer and I had some impromptu dates at the greenway. The greenway is one of the only places our crew can fit! 
 Allison joined us one day because she was in town visiting some other friends. Hard to believe we girls have been friends since middle school. 
 This boy...he loves to dress up. Much to his Daddy's dismay...he prefers jewelry and heels to anything else. I will say we got stocked up on boy dress up items for his birthday. So far, he's sticking to his first love but maybe that will change over time. Poor kid, he's a product of his raising - he's got too big sisters who ADORE dressing up! 

 One Sunday before church I snapped these pictures of Avery first and foremost because it's super hard to get good pics of this beauty - she's so silly and so wide open all the time but also because I knew I had pictures of Kennedy in this dress too. 

 Now for the flashback. I love it! 

We celebrated Jennifer's birthday in June and all these lovely YMCA gym friends joined us for dinner at my house. So a ladies night out! 

 More snuggly together time photos. I adore these pictures. I hope they always try to squeeze in chairs and couches next to one another. 
 Kennedy had some sleep overs with Becca during their summer break and the morning after one of our sleep overs I braided all three girls' hair in a funny french head band to side pony thing. It turned out SO CUTE! Here are Ave and K's hair - look at Ave's hand. Preciousness. 
 I mean, how cute is that? 
Even though I'm a sappy mess, I'm enjoying re-living our summer memories. As I stated earlier, it whirred by just like every day after but clearly we enjoyed it nonetheless! 

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  1. Love all these great pictures. The one of Kennedy reading blows me away. I still see her as that teeny girl in her smocked dresses...not a big girl, reading.