Thursday, September 11, 2014

Main Street Children's Museum

Since moving here to NC, there have been oodles and oodles of places I've heard about that are great for kids and I want to try every one of them but with three little ones (one of which is in school and 2 of which still nap) it can be hard to make that happen. Well, this past summer we made it to one of the places I'd been hearing about - The Main Street Children's Museum in Rock Hill, SC. It's a bit of a drive to go to Rock Hill, but since "Honey" is there we can always find a reason to make the trek there. I didn't have tons of information prior to our visit other than just hearing from others that their kids loved it. Honestly, once we arrived I was kind of disappointed because it's virtually a one room children's museum if you can imagine that. So...there's not tons of walking/exploring because it's pretty condensed (likely because it's in a building that is in a historic district). Wall to wall was brimming with things to do, so despite it's small size, there was much fun to be had. My kids were totally un-phased by the lack of grandeur (if you will) because we were there for like 3 + hours and they played NON STOP. Admission was only $5, so in my book that's some well spent cash! Now for some no particular order. 

Avery quickly located the dress up section (shock and awe) and for some reason took a MAJOR liking to this owl which she affectionately called "hoo-hoo" for the remainder of our time there. 

 These things were really cool. I'm not sure what they are called but they were magnetic so they clung to each other as well as a table that was in the room with them that was magnetized. Grey played with these things for ages. 

 There was a big train table/train area and you could crawl underneath and then pop up amidst the track...very cool. 

 A pirate ship complete with cargo netting to climb up and ring the bell. 

 Kennedy's friend Soph from school met us for a picnic and trip to the museum. She clearly enjoyed the dress up section as well. 
 Grey liked the thought of dressing up but once I "knighted" him, he was no longer interested. 
 I thought this was hilarious so I had to take a picture. Lots of places could use a similar set up. 

 We just happened to be there on a day that they offered free story time and craft making (woo-hoo). Greyson had officially run out of gas at this point but the girls were going strong so after they participated in story/craft we headed out. 

Fun times had by all. Because of the low admission price, I would totally go back since they had so much fun. I'd love to check out Charlotte's Children's museum too as I've heard it's amazing but it ought to be because they charge like $15/head. Maybe one day....

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