Wednesday, September 17, 2014

A super full fourth

I'm sure y'all will find this shocking, but our family - we are not strangers to a fully packed schedule on the reg. On the Fourth, however, that was not initially the case. We'd planned to hang with Mom and Jim for a dinner time cookout and that was about it. 

Well, after we woke on that Saturday we were out in the yard doing some odds and ends and our neighbors invited us to a local parade. I knew the kids would love it but as much fun as little festivals & carnivals and the like are for them...they kind of give me the heebie jeebies. I dunno...I'm not a fan of crowds I guess. I can't really explain it. Often times I succumb to the aforementioned festivals for my kids because I know they'll love it and I figure I can suck it up for their enjoyment. Such ended up being the case on the 4th this year. Here are some pictures of the Indian Trail Fourth of July Parade. 

 There were lots of emergency vehicles, pageant queens, politicians and local businesses. A typical small town parade. There was lots of candy thrown so the kids were happy. 

 You know, standard fare picture of the three - there's no way I can ever get all three looking at the same time. I just take what I can get. Two out of three's not too shabby. 
 After the parade we had lunch and then got in early naps before heading to "Honey & Big Jim's". 
Random: do y'alls kids eat the bread "butts"? You know, the end and beginning of bread loaves....the heels? Mine don't. Confession: I don't either. High Mai...I know. Here's the thing though - I absolutely loathe throwing food away of any kind. I mean, I'll freeze ANYTHING so that it's used and not wasted. Well, the bread butts are no different. I had a freezer drawer full of these castaways for such a time as this: 
 Mom & Jim live near a beautiful park/walking trail that is part of Winthrop University and the waterfowl love it there. The waterfowl: they don't mind inhaling a bread butt. Mission accomplished - no waste! Ha! 

 This little one was a little too brave and got his finger bit by an "aggressive" goose. So...we had to stick tight from that point forward and I was ok with that. 
 If only the adult geese could be as sweet as this little baby gosling. 

 Greyson was trying to whisper the duck. The duck wasn't interested. 
 It was hot, but it was a fun little outing to kick off our family fourth celebration with Honey and Big Jim. I foresee lots of trips to this pond in the future. Who doesn't love to feed ducks and geese? It's not just me, right? 
 Because Mom and Jim are still working on their house to get it how they want it, they don't exactly have tons of kid friendly toys/activities but who needs those things when you've got a working sprinkler. Case in point: 

 They had themselves a grand ole' time running back and forth in the spray. Fun times. 
 We all went inside for grilled corn, burgers, hot dogs, chips...the usual 4th foods. Delish! Even better? Ice cream afterwards!

 Seriously...this chick...she's too much.
 Big Jim or "Pow Pow" as Grey has affectionately named him, really wanted to give the kids a tractor ride so we made sure there was time for that to wrap up our evening with them. This picture is not as close up as I'd like but you can see the open mouth joyous expression on my boys face. Precious! 

 Avery's turn! To not have had much interaction with kids prior to our families' he does a real good job with them. My kids adore him and you can see why. 

 Now for Kennedy. This child can find the joy in ALL THINGS so it's not too tough to "get her smiles". These smiles though? They're huge. Thanks Big Jim!
 Love this. So fun!

 Pretty sure I need to frame this for him. So fun.
 One of the benefits to a "fancy camera" as I like to call it: you can rapid fire take pics which is awesome with kids because you gotta be quick and more than likely if you take 10 pics only 1 might be good...if you're lucky. Well, I liked several of these & could not choose one. It's not really because they are all stellar but there's something true to my babes' personalities in each one and that is why I like them. 

 Thrilled that this will be one of many holidays spent with Honey and Big Jim...aka Pow Pow in the years to come. Grey is pretty stoked too :).
 Mid-day on the fourth I decided to accept an invitation from Jennifer to join she and her Aunt/Uncle at their neighborhood fireworks show after we left Mom and Jim's house. When I say show, I mean SHOW y'all. It was epic. Their HOA actually HIRES OUT the event and it was unbelievable. One of the most fantastic fireworks displays I've ever seen. The kids enjoyed themselves but oh my heavens they were exhausted afterwards. I'm pretty sure it's the latest they've all been up but knowing #4 was coming we felt we should go big or go home this 4th. Here the girls are with their BFF's. 
 This is a pretty common occurrence between Jen and I...not sure what I'm crackin' up about but it obviously was funny. Here is our crew minus photog Tim. 
 Sweet friends. All the kiddos watched the show. No tears, no early departures, no sleepers - they trooped it out big time and I was glad in the end that we went. Like I titled it...a fun and super full fourth. 

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  1. Happiest kiddos ever! This is a fantastic post! You captured your kiddos BIG personalities perfectly!!!! And that one with Big Jim and Kennedy is great...definitely a framer!