Monday, October 6, 2014


So do y'all know about Cow Appreciation Day at Chick-fil-A? If not, you need to go read about it here. And....mark your calendars for the next one: July 14th, 2015 & go get you some free Chick-fil-A! 

I honestly didn't know much about it, but thanks to liking our local Chick-fil-A's Facebook page I learned of it about 2 days prior to it happening which was just enough time to think up our cow costumes real quick like. I confess: I'm obsessed with Chick-fil-A. Almost a year and a half ago our family started a journey towards healthier eating...less processed...more homemade, less junk, etc. Well, CFA is kind of a weakness and I know they have "healthy" options but c'mon...the fries? Amazing! The Chick-fil-A sauce? Can only be explained by being created by God himself it's so delicious! When we eat fast food which isn't often - it's almost ALWAYS Chick-fil-A so I was super stoked about getting it for free. It literally took me 20 minutes max to put together our ensembles and voila! Free food coming our way! 

I set up the camera to take our pics before we rushed out of the house and they aren't great but you get the idea. 
 My three calves and I :). 

 I honestly tried to narrow these down but there was something cute about each of them so you get to see them all. Moo!

 With our healthier eating journey came big time hard look at our budget. Always a downer! Anyhow, when we eat out now (which again, isn't often) we no longer purchase happy meals or kids meals at places. I typically buy bulk and divvy it up. I also usually pack their water bottles and some type of additional side item like fruit/veggie pouches and or raisins or something like that too. At Chick-fil-A we typically buy an 8 or 12 piece nugget meal (upsized) and Momma gets the drink and the kids split the fries and nuggets. It's WAY cheaper than purchasing 3 kids meals. I mean really, do your kids need that cheap toy to clog up your toy drawers even more? Mine don't for sure! All of that to say that Cow Appreciation Day was extra special because each child and Momma all got our very own meals FOR FREE- score! 
Happy kids, Happy Momma, Happy Wallet:

 I will say an added bonus to getting the kids meals at CFA is that the kiddos can trade in their toy/book/prize for a free cone. You know my babes are all about a treat so we traded up on Cow Appreciation Day. 
 It was busy and crowded ( food) but it wasn't totally overwhelming like you'd think. We went a tad early (probably 11:45'ish) and it wasn't miserable. I have issues with crowds...they stress me out...especially when trying to keep my eye on three little people all by myself. Well, I wasn't stressed and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Right before we left we ran into a bunch of gals from my church and one of them snapped a pic with their iPhone which ended up being the best one of all four of us. Fun times! 
I would just like to add that one of my all time favorite things about Chick-fil-A, aside from their fries and sauce of that they reply "my pleasure" to EVERYTHING!!! Every time you say "thank you" they reply "my pleasure". If they come by your table and you ask them for more of anything...their response: "my pleasure". I feel certain that's part of their customer service training/model and I just want to say - I ADORE, A LOT. The best part: it's always believable. Not one employee has ever said it's always sincere and I just think it's brilliant. Let me go on record to say the pleasure is all mine to eat in your establishment because you people help with my kids, bring my food to my table, pass out those awesome plastic table clingy things that keep my kids from getting germs, you have purell easily accessible in the restroom and play area, you bring me refills, you clean my table and you do it wall with PLEASURE. I'm a customer for life. Looking forward to the next Cow Appreciation Day! 


  1. Funny that on a post about CFA I have so many comments. I hope the site chooses to cooperate and not kick out my comment (always happens when I write a long one. coincidence?!?)

    Anywho: CFA is our favorite or no kids! Their food is delish. And maybe it is "fast food" but it doesn't taste like typical fast food. I love your costumes. LOVE all the pictures you posted and can see why! Their sweet personalities are so fun in each picture. Like you, I try not to buy the kids meal. It is a colossal waste of money (unless there is a $1.99 special somewhere or something of the like...) and so I tend to buy from the value meal for them, give them my fries and I have a drink and sandwich or whatever from my combo. And generally they either share a drink, I bring a drink, or they share our drinks! :) Eating out with kids is so much more money and they the amount spent on them. Ticks me off, actually. I hate wastefulness. And as much as we eat at CFA we have never a) eaten for free because I didn't know that existed! or b) traded our books in for cones (when we DO do a kids meal). But good to know! And...there is a reason why CFA sales have surpassed KFC (read this on a business website or something): "My Pleasure" and closed on Sundays and standing by Christian morals.

    1. Funny that we share this mutual love of CFA and yet I don't think we've been there together. Let's do that soon, shall we?