Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Tybee Island Beach Vacation Installment #2

I love beach pictures. For that reason, I snap approximately 400-600 every year during the week we are there. True story. It's kind of ridiculous. I will say, however, that it turns out some pretty sweet gems like these and they make me smile. 

Here Grey is again with his "hard cheese"...hey, I'll take it - my other two just stare at me most of the time like "what?!?!?!?". He's my first baby to actually cheese like this. It's pretty cute. 
Ellie on the other hand looks at me like I've got devil horns when I point the camera in her direction. She's a hard case this one - you don't get her smiles easily. I don't care. I take tons of pictures of her anyways because she's adorbs. Don't y'all like the way this ruffle accentuates her rolls? Hee hee. 
I mean, c'mon? It's ridiculous. 
Because Tybee is so close to Savannah, there are constantly huge ocean liners going through the channel. It's crazy(albeit cool) to look up and see this:
Snack time on the beach! It was glorious for all the kids to be able to lug their own chairs to the beach this summer. Grey did some strollering too, but he was ABLE to carry his chair which was awesome. Love these little backpack chairs. 
Uncle Steve! Steve isn't really a beach guy. Mainly because he's a ginger, but also because he gets ants in his pants and can't just chill - it's how he rolls. When he is at the beach he's a good sport. He plays in the water, chases the kids, builds sand castles and does stuff like this which you wouldn't catch me - EVER. 
Happy boy!
One of K's cousins got a boogie board while she was at the beach this summer and K was anxious to try it out so we dug one out of the "beach closet" in the basement of the house where we stayed so the girls could do it together.
This was honestly her expression EVERY TIME she rode a wave. Love it. 
Grey wanted in on the action after the girls were done so I plopped my pregnant self down in the shallow water where the waves kind of fizzled out and set to helping him boogie board. 

and boogie board he did!
Clearly, he was all about it. 
I love his posture! This little rash guard shall never be the same - there is still sand in it but oh well, it was worth every joyous moment. 
Excuse the unflattering Momma angle, but you gotta see him in action: it's presh.

Before we left the beach we spotted this massive horseshoe crab shell but K was only brave enough to stand next to it...not pick it up. Silly girl. 

Y'all know there's more, right? Yeah...more to come. 

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  1. AH! I will have to watch the video later! it won't load. :( These are the best beach pictures..I love to watch my kids at the beach, such innocent fun and just simply enjoying all of it. You guys are making awesome memories for these kids. AND oh wow that crab!!