Saturday, October 18, 2014

Tybee Island Beach Vacation Installment #5

Shew! #5! It's definitely a marathon...not a sprint. Let's get to it, shall we? I'm hopefully going to have some sweet baby goodness to share on here soon and I want to have completed our beach vacay. Cheers to being behind: oy! 

These pictures are from one of our overcast days at the beach...there are one or two or more every year but we trudge on because the kiddos need to get their energy out AND...well, your at the beach (rain or shine!). This first photo needs no explanation....those thighs! 
 This picture needs no explanation either...little Coppertone kid :)
 This child was as happy as a pig in the sunshine the entire time we were at the beach (despite getting an ear infection that required treatment!). He just ran around and found things to entertain himself. True 3rd child....pure joy. 
 Poor seagulls. 
 Cue the Baywatch background music. Ha! 
 Sea foam intrigued the kids...they poked it, jumped on it, blew it, kicked name it: they did it. 

 Trying to get family pictures always makes me laugh. This was one of like 6 that we attempted and Kennedy looks in pain and Avery looks resigned. Whatever. 
 Our last day at the beach Avery found something very special. She very nonchalantly walked up to me after we'd been out there for like 10 minutes and said "Mommy, look what I found...what is this?"
 Are you kidding me?!?! Home girl found the first and only funny intact sand dollar we saw all week. Of course she would. Ha! Kennedy was determined to find it's sibling, but alas...Avery was the only one to find such a prize. 
 We soaked it and cleaned it and brought it home. It was SO pretty but sadly a few days later she wanted to hold it and broke it. We super glued it back together (read: Tim super glued it) but it was never really the same. Last week Tim moved something in the window sill and knocked it and it shattered. Maybe she'll score another next year. 
All week long at the beach we take turns cooking for one another - one family cooks for the rest of us each night typically. We usually reserve one night for leftovers because with this many people there's bound to be leftovers. On our last night we ordered Pizza and then went to a little local ice cream place - it was a nice easy end to the week...especially since we had to pack it all up and stuff the next morning. 
Declan preferred to take his ice cream to the face rather than using a spoon. 
 Oh Grey...two things that'll make a boy "hard cheese": ice cream and a camera. Ha! 
 Finally...a cheese out of this stinker. She only made me supply ice cream AND work for it all week. Way to play hard to get Ellie! Well played....

One more post and it'll be a Tybee Wrap! Stay tuned...

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