Thursday, January 2, 2014

Warbirds Over Monroe

Our house is literally walking distance from an executive airport and each year the airport hosts an airshow. This year we decided to tailgate essentially so we could fully enjoy it and (bonus) get the kids outdoors all day. Since my Dad worked at the Air Force Base in Charleston, I remember going to several air shows with my Dad growing up and I always really liked them. This particular show is called Warbirds Over Monroe and the site says the following about it: 
"In 2005 Warriors & Warbirds started as a dream of several local pilots. With help from the City of Monroe, the Veterans Council of Union County, local businesses and the hard work of volunteers, the Warbirds Over Monroe Air Show has grown into one of the areas largest aviation events honoring those who have served"

Now, for some pictures from the day! 

 A little leaf jumping intermission:

 We broke out the sidewalk chalk, bubbles, ride-on toys, etc and just took it outside. 
 Speaking of sidewalk chalk, my boy is OBSESSED! For real - he just likes to hold it and I can't tell a lie - he gets a little nibble every now and then but mostly he just holds it and GOD FORBID YOU TRY TO TAKE IT! It's a riot. 

 I had to include this picture, because honestly - the fact that Avery smiled and the others didn't is just a trip. You never know what you're going to get with Ave when you get the camera out, but this usually isn't it! 
 Kennedy kept saying she wanted to put on her own air show and this is her "smoke" that would come out as she flew. 

 Partners in crime - you never know what these two are up to, but I love their little relationship. 
 I'm pretty sure that Declan was trying to convince Avery that whatever she was saying (because I assure you she was talking - the girl NEVER stops talking....EVER) wasn't as cool and or important as what was in the air. I must say, he was probably right. ;)
 A boy and his blankie. My kids - all three have loved their loveys. Pure sweetness.
 I mean, c'mon - that's just precious am I right?

 The air was very cool, especially the free falling part. Awesome.
 I would say Declan agreed. What do y'all think?
 Avery loves her Aunt Lissa! 

 Some more performing...Air Show Kennedy Style:
 Ellie even got in on a little of the air show action - sweet girl! 

Melissa and I plan to make this a yearly tradition. We are lucky enough to be right next to a parking lot that is empty most of the time and provides a safe and large place for outdoor play (and the hallelujah chorus sounded). So: tailgate food for cookin' out, lots of outdoor time for the kiddos and a really cool air show = perfect trifecta of fun! Whoop!


  1. The pics of Kennedy's air show performance are hilarious!! She's a trip...and Grey, oh my! He is so squeezable!!!

  2. make sure you click on the airplane photos to get close up! so cool!