Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Tim and I were so incredibly proud when we received notification from Kennedy's school that she would be receiving the character award for Responsibility in December. Kennedy goes to a charter school nearby and it is more specifically a character charter school, which basically means that they are constantly encouraging the kids to "Do the right thing, even when no one is looking". There are 8 character traits (Compassion, Adaptability, Respect, Responsibility, Optimism, Trustworthiness, Perseverance, & Initiative) that they focus on developing not only as staff, but within the children as well. There are specific periods of time that they (as a school) focus on each individual character...what it means, how to live it out and then at the end of each period there is a BIG awards assembly and the kids get really excited about the anticipation of hearing who will win. The school does an amazing job of keeping the winner a secret until the award is actually given. So...on the day of her award we were instructed on where to go once we arrived at the school and then we hid behind a curtain until her name was announced and we popped out. So.Very.Cool! Only one child per grade level receives the award so she was the kindergarten recipient and I mean I know I'm a proud Momma and all but that is an awesome honor. I tried really hard not to bust out of the curtain in a straight up ugly cry but when they started reading what her peers had said about her and why she was selected it was tough y'all. Anyhow - here's Ms. Responsibility herself! 

 Both her teacher (above) and her teachers assistant were so excited for her...to be giving the award to her which I just thought was so sweet. I love that she's going to a school where trying to catch each other doing good is encouraged and recognized. 
She was so excited when she heard her name and when I asked her what she thought when she heard and saw us, she said she thought she might cry. Me too sister, me too! All of her friends were high-fiving her and giving her hugs. It makes me happy when I think that the kids in her class now might be her friends forever (I have kept in touch with lots of my child hood friends). So proud of our girl. 


  1. Oh that is so fantastic! I KNOW you are so proud of her. What a big girl!!!!

  2. That is just simply awesome! I can't wait to ask her about it this weekend!

  3. Nana and PawPaw are so proud, too. It is a reflection of what great parents you two are. You are concentrating on the important things. Way to go Mom and Dad!!

  4. Ok, this post made my cry! Sweet Kennedy! So proud of her!