Friday, January 10, 2014

Thanksgiving with the Taylors

Since the Taylor's knew we wouldn't be there for Christmas this year, they wanted to get some Christmas decorations out for all of us to enjoy while we were there for Thanksgiving. The tree was up, but they figured the girls would enjoy decorating it themselves. The result of their efforts was a tree with ornaments all in one localized area (mainly at the bottom) but they had a blast and we enjoyed watching them.

Avery may or may not have broken 1, 2, or 3 glass ornaments. 
Kennedy took her decorating responsibility very seriously.
I mean seriously, look at her face. STINKER!

You see Avery's nice "hanging pattern" over her shoulder? I'd like to coin that clumptastic. 
Tim's parents sent out a Christmas letter to their church family at the beginning of December and I thought he summed up this time together so well:
 "Because our grandchildren won't be with us at our house this Christmas. we hadn't planned to put up a large amount of Christmas decorations for their enjoyment. However, when they were with us at Thanksgiving, Marlene had the idea of putting up our large Christmas tree and letting our grandkids decorate it. What a delight it was to see their delight in decorating the tree. As it turned out, our tree only had decorations up about 2-3 feet because that is as high as they could reach. But we thought it was the most beautiful tree ever."
Precious time spent together!
We were really excited to wake up the next day after our arrival and see a nice blanket of snow. We packed all the kids' snow gear and what not, but we weren't really sure if they'd get to wear it or not. Thankfully, they got to play in it and sled in it and all three got red faced, sweaty and worn out! 

The smiles in these pictures kill me - pure and utter JOY.

Grey wanted in on the action too!

~The three amigos~

Snow much fun!

Molly enjoyed the snow as much as the kiddos.
The sledding wasn't without incident - Grey got a big ole fat busted lip:

Avery got some windburn - you like how she felt about it? 
And poor Kennedy took a thrill ride (on Daddy's not super awesome judgement) and about cracked her noggin' open on a tree - she had a scratch on her upper left forehead. 
The proof of her near death experience. 
Apparently sledding will wear a girl out:

After a little nap they were back hard at play only stopping for little snacks here and there (always lots of beaters to lick when prepping a holiday meal). 
Time at Nana and Pawpaws - always exciting, always fun, always memorable. 
Lot's more Turkey Day fun to come.....


  1. Super neat that all three babes got to go sledding! Even if there were some "incidents" and busted lips! ;) Love the sledding pictures!