Thursday, January 2, 2014

Hodge Podge

This is going to be a mish mash of information and pictures - it's called catching up...hope it doesn't bore you to tears ;). 

We've not had much cold weather here in Carolina, but when we do - we turn on our fireplace and we love it. Exhibit A:
I'm happy to report that after MONTHS and MONTHS of looking, my Mom and Jim finally found a house - 45 minutes from here. You read that correctly....45 minutes! My kids and I are thrilled that we'll be seeing more of her on a regular basis. 
Kennedy's class had a play for Thanksgiving - she was a narrator and a turkey. It was so fun to be around all of the classmates we've heard so much about. The kids did great and I"m happy Tim and I could make it together. Thanks to my Mom for keeping the littles. After the play they had a yummy Sweet Feast for all of the kids and parents. 

For the Sweet Feast I wanted to make something "fallish" and found this recipe in the Carolina Country magazine that gets delivered monthly. These cupcakes were AMAZING. Highly recommend you make them! I didn't decorate with a star tip, instead I opted for a big swirl - see picture above - they were really cute and did I mention delicious?

Moving on now to Thanksgiving that it's you know, January and all. Oh my.

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