Sunday, January 12, 2014

Thanksgiving Continued

I am really thankful for the relationship I have with my in-laws...they truly are like second parents to me. They are so good to Tim and I - ALWAYS willing to love on us and help us in any way. It is for all of those reasons and more that I love going to their house. We relax, we laugh at the kids and with each other and we just enjoy being together. I'm sure y'all have noticed that I have a hard time relaxing (sadly that seems to come up a bit on this blog) but at their house...I relax and it's heaven. The kids usually sleep in and thus we do as well and once we wake we snuggle in their rocking recliners (usually with a fire burning nearby) and look out the window across the back deck at this: 
One of my favorite things on Thanksgiving - watching the Macy's Parade!

Playtime with Pawpaw

Sometimes I think there are more toys at their house than at ours but I'm thankful when we are there because they play, play, play! 
The Thanksgiving Table - kiddie style
My turkeys

We had such a good meal and it was so nice to have Grandma join us. 
Nana and Pawpaw with "their" babies. 
Grey has started saying "cheese" when I take his pictures - it's so funny...he scrunches up his nose and squints his eyes and it looks just like this:
One of the many benefits of marrying a smart man - he can read and then do just about anything...even if he's never done it before. Exhibit A: balloon animals. True story.
snakes, and more giraffes...oh my!
morning love from Pawpaw
Thanks to Facebook I've become good friends with some of the Taylors' church family members and one of them knew we were in town and invited the girls to her sons birthday party at the local bounce house. They had such a blast and burned some energy...
before we went to see Grandma and Kathryn at the nursing home, where they primarily do this: 
We had planned to create (with the kids) door decorations for Grandma and Kathryn's doors at the home for their annual door decorating contest. Well, let's just say that our idea didn't go quite as planned but Tim and I did get some good ole quality time working on the doors (predominately on our own). Here we are with Grandma once we got her door decor hung up - she really liked it and she got 2nd place! 

 Kathryn's door was made up of the families hands - literally. It was a lot of work, but it was fun too and it looked so pretty once it was up. 
The kids get stir crazy when we are visiting Kathryn and Grandma but they do pretty good and I'm so thankful because it brings both of them so much joy! 

For some reason Kathryn calls Greyson "Thomas" and she doesn't know why and neither do we but it makes me laugh. She was probably calling him Thomas here....

Kathryn wanted one of the girls to sit with her but the girls wanted to ride on Grandma's walker...I just thought this was a sight...such sweet memories. 

Family! Love it - especially Avery's exuberance about the photo op :) 
We had a great time and the girls were asking to go back as soon as we got home...I'm glad they love it there as much as we do. 

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  1. Heart warming! The decorated doors are precious! You and your craftiness...Amazing! And the pictures with Grandma and Kathryn are absolutely priceless. So so good. Hilarious that Kathryn calls Grey "Thomas!" I love it...
    And Finn does a "cheese" face too. Makes me laugh. But he really only does it when I aim my phone on him, not my real camera! Hmm...