Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Thankful for crafts

This is no news flash for any of you, but I love a good craft. Both of my girls have inherited my love of crafting, however Kennedy requires little to no supervision while Avery on the other hand......
 During the month of November, we created and added to daily - a "Thankful Tree" full of leaves with things we are thankful for written on each one. 
It was so fun each day hearing what they each were thankful for. 
 There were simple things like "markers" 

 Certain foods, natural things like rain and thunder....
 and deeper things like The Bible, Family time together, etc. 
 It was really fun and had our family in the Thankful mind set - we will definitely do it again next year! 
Kennedy had a school assignment to craft her own turkey - the turkey could be whomever she wished and she elected to create a ballerina turkey who she named "Kennedy Turkey". 
 I present to you Kennedy and Kennedy Ballerina Turkey:
 Continuing along our crafty path, we made our Turkey cookies again with the Englars...just like last year. We had some royal icing/piping bag catastrophes so the kids didn't last long, but they still had fun and made some super cute creations. 

 It's hard to believe how much these kids have changed in a year. Here they are this  year: 
And last year:
 Poor Avery, she can't be around sweets unsupervised ;). 
 Next year Grey will be right up there with us instead of peeking over the table!
...and the stinker last year - she's growin' up! 
Due to the aforementioned royal icing/piping bag catastrophes, Jennifer and I resorted to decorating the majority of the cookies this year. As it turns out 2 glasses of wine and lots of laughs begin to yield things like this beauty:
 And the special creations continued. I feel a yearly tradition coming on.
 Kennedy will sometimes craft/create on her own and I love it when it produces sweet little gems like this one:
 I love Mommy and Avery, even when you're frustrated you're my favorite. 
Grace. It's a beautiful thing for which I'm so grateful.

Some of Kennedy's school crafts. 
 I was so tickled when Kennedy's "thankful turkey feather" came home from school and said "I'm thankful for my sister Avery". LOVE IT! 


  1. Adorable. Alllll of it! Especially love the thankful tree!

  2. Love this:) You are all about a craft!