Thursday, December 26, 2013

A Break

Within the last few months I've been trying to figure out if Avery truly needs her afternoon nap still, or if she's ready to drop her afternoon nap. Some days she goes without but I've learned that she does still in fact need her nap because if she doesn't have it she not only gets fussy late afternoon but she also falls asleep THE SECOND we get in the car to go anywhere. Before I reached this conclusion, I was sending her to her room when she would get fussy and this is typically what would happen (another indication she wasn't ready to drop her nap): 

 So, for now she will take her afternoon nap which will give each of us a break. 

Speaking of breaks, for Kennedy's Fall break from school we took a trip to Winston to visit my girls' favorite people - their cousins! There are a ton of things I love about their relationship with their cousins, but one thing is that park or no park, toy or no toy, these girls are going to enjoy each other to the fullest! Aunt Catina always plans a fun time when we got visit, so here are some pics from our quick playground trip: 

 I love that they are never too big to play and I do mean PLAY with their cousins - I hope it always stays that way. 
 Even Aunt Catina got in on the fun. 


 A sweet moment with my three the next morning before breakfast: 
 We had such an awesome visit and before we even got out of their neighborhood on our way home Kennedy wanted to know when we'd see them again. 

 I love Grey's look of adoration here - as it turns out this starts young and just keep going because Kennedy adores them just as much now as she ever has...if not more. Love it!
We handled some business over fall break too - Grey got himself a hair cut because he was rockin' what I call "old man whispies" over his ears and neck. Here are some "befores":

 He is a pretty chill little dude, but he DID NOT enjoy the hair cutting experience. I will say, in his defense - we found out later that evening that he was running a fever so I'm interested to see if he pitches such a fit next time. 

 Because of him being sick, I didn't get a good "after", but here are some a few weeks later over the Thanksgiving holiday - he looks like a little man now - it's precious! 

 In other Fall Break news: Kennedy had a pallet separator placed in the roof of her mouth (because she has a cross bite), and when she went back to school the next week she lost yet another tooth. I need to take a picture of her pallet separator - Tim and I both had one growing up, but ours required a key and cranking (it's as glamorous as it sounds folks) but Kennedy's is tension loaded on a spring so there is no cranking required: hallelujah! She's been a total trooper about the entire thing - aside from some eating "issues", she's not complained at all.  

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  1. Ahhhhh! I suddenly feel a ton of pressure to cut Finn's hair. I CANNOT BRING MYSELF TO DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) And yes, I need to see a picture of the appliance K is sporting. It makes my mouth hurt thinking about it...but I have no clue what that is.