Sunday, December 22, 2013

Camp out

After a bit of searching and asking around, we eventually got the name of a local campground that ended up perfectly meeting our needs for camping with little ones. Cane Creek Campground is about 25ish minutes away and is absolutely gorgeous. We were thrilled to get a weekend away and as a family and equally thrilled that we were able to take Declan along with us. 

We went out on a Saturday afternoon and set up camp. 
When we took Kennedy camping the first time she was all about helping and was super invested in the whole camping process/experience. Declan and Avery - not so much. They were most interested in playing chase and throwing pine straw and digging up rocks and fun stuff like that. 
Once we got their little tailgate chairs set up, the kids pretty much did this until Tim and I were done and it was off to the potty and then a hike. 

On the way to the bath house a giant rock was spotted and we had to pause for climbing. 

Investigating a hole near the lake. 
They were yelling "boat" and all I could think about is that scene from Nemo where he's trying to tell his new school friends what a boat is and instead he says "it's a butt". Ha ha! 
The weather and foliage color could not have been more perfect! 

After thoroughly exploring the lake we went for a hike and despite obsessing over the forecast prior to our trip and feeling confident we were all clear, the skies opened up and it started to pour. Awesome. Hiking with two toddlers and a 6 year old in the pouring rain! Ugh. We ran to the bath house because it was closer than our campsite and waited it out. Ave and Declan could not resist splashing in the building run off water so I ended up having to take them into the women's bathroom entrance. 
Perfect place for some Big Daddy Longleg observation: 

Sadly, when we got back to our campsite, there was standing water in all of our tailgate chairs and our firewood was soaked, but Tim was able to get a fire started and we improvised thanks to Momma's swagger wagon (love those fold down seats!). 
The sunset was so beautiful over the lake that I ran down there during dinner and took a picture. 
After dinner it was S'mores time! 

Yep, this is my girl - she lives life to the fullest!
They may be cousins, but they are also BFF's.
After S'mores we cracked a few glow sticks and let the kids have a little fun in the dark before getting them settled down for the night. 
Cars on the kindle - Ave and Declan had the death grip on their glue sticks. 
They watched Cars for a while, but when Tim and I turned in- this was what they looked like: 
Declan woke up kind of early but after I snuggled him for a bit over on my side of the tent, he went back to sleep and the three babes got some more shut eye while Tim and I started on breakfast. 

After a while, these three groggy babes woke up and once bundled they came out to join us and get warmed up by the fire. 
Beautiful sunrise!
Now listen y'all, I'm all for sleeping in a tent and I'd even be ok with foregoing a bath house and straight up "wilderness camping" but I CANNOT imagine anything worse than being stranded without a cup of coffee to start my morning. If Tim and I camped more often, we'd invest in a camping coffeepot to do my coffee over  the fire, but for now while we will camp at campsites with electricity and a bath house nearby (there's just no other way with small kiddos), the keurig comes with us! 

There's something about camping food that is just flat amazing - I kid you not! My kids eat better camping than they do at home - go figure. 
Happy campers!
While Tim and I broke down camp, the kids played a little more tag and hide and seek. 
Thank goodness for the tripod - we got a group photo before heading home. 
Despite getting caught in the rain and despite waking up a bit earlier than I would necessarily choose to, we had an awesome time. I'm so thankful that we are close enough to my sister than I can bring the little man along with us when we go camping. Honestly, for someone like me who is constantly marking things of her "to-do" list, camping is a dream come true because you can't talk on the phone, you can't work on the computer and once it gets dark you can't even really read so it's just nature, a roaring fire and good company but most of all it's a chunk of peace amongst the crazy and I love it! Already excited and looking forward to going again in the spring! 


  1. There are so many things I have to say about this post. But first...I Loved It. Something about this completely warmed my heart!
    First thought: Declan looks just like Melissa. Then I saw Steve. Then I saw Melissa again. And oh-my he is a gorgeous child! The sleeping pictures of all the kids made my heart ache.
    Second: the three of those babes exploring, investigating, and doing kid things is fantastic...the pictures are great!!
    Third: the fall colors! WOW!
    Fourth: Tim and his head lamp. I am certain if Josh saw this his man-crush on Tim would have instantly intensified.
    Fifth: I love that you Have Keurig, Will Travel (with it!) funny!!!! but like you, I cannot live without my cup-o-joe.
    Beautiful story in pictures...seriously, I want to go camp with you and I don't like to camp. :)

  2. I'm super impressed! Honestly if I had ventured out hiking and got rained on I would have packed it up and headed home. I'm so not outdoorsy. But it looks like you had an awesome memory-making time with the kiddos. And I LOVE that you took your Keurig. Ha!