Saturday, November 30, 2013

Takin' it out of doors

When Tim and I met, I think I can speak for both of us when I say that we were thrilled that we had the love of hiking and camping in common. During our dating relationship we hiked a good bit and camped a couple of times but we've always loved both and we've sworn we will try to do both more often as the kids get older. 

Thankfully, with the weather getting cooler we've been able to get out and do both within the last few months and we love it now just as much as we always have. 

In September we started scoping out some local areas where we could both hike and potentially camp. This trip was to Anne Springs Close Greenway. The trails were awesome but the campsites weren't ideal for camping with our crew. The girls enjoyed this trip immensely and I'm not sure if it's because we obliged their desire to hunt for and use "walking sticks" or if it's because they truly enjoyed the hike itself. Regardless of their reason, Tim and I were happy to see them so happy and having such a great time doing something we love. 

 Avery spends some time in the backpack and some time hiking whenever we do a trail, but even when she was being backpacked on this particular trip, she proudly held on tight to her walking stick. 
 You can see why the girls want walking sticks - they want to be just like Daddy. 
 I was enjoying my point of view bringing up the rear and watching Avery properly use her walking stick while placing her other hand squarely on her hip. 

A little video clip, because: why not? 
Grey has no choice but to be backpacked, but if he loves hiking half as much as his sisters do - this is going to be a FAMILY AFFAIR before we know it and that thrills me to pieces. 
 We were cracking up because Grey fell asleep like this while we were hiking. I turned him around to the front after a few minutes because I figured this couldn't be good for his little neck, but not before getting pictures of him - too funny!
 Close to the greenway there is a local produce stand/farm and they make homemade ice cream and milk shakes with whatever is in season. Kennedy and Avery got Apple Pie Soft Serve and Tim got an "almost gone because we're moving out of the season" peach smoothie. Both sweet treats were delish! 
 Grey was in full agreement!
 The best thing about a good long hike followed by a yummy snack: 

Although this campground wasn't right for us, we found one that was. 

To be continued....

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