Saturday, November 16, 2013

Build up to Boo

The week prior to Halloween my Mom came to visit and brought two birthday balloons she'd received from her Book Club gals for her birthday. Greyson.was.OBSESSED! 
 He would just stand underneath them and scream until I put one in each hand and then he would hold onto them for dear life. 

 Running while double-fisting the balloons was big fun too. Thanks for the free fun Momma! 
 Kennedy had an assignment in October to create a boat that would float and bring it to school to test it out during class. Now typically I handle all things that have to do with school, but building and testing - I seemed very engineerish so this was she and Tim's "thing" and they did a great job! 
 School projects at this age are funny because there are the parents who go ALL OUT and totally overachieve and you know they did more than their kid, but then there are ones who don't really care and don't put in appropriate effort. Team Taylor lies somewhere between these two groups of people and I'm ok with that. During class, the kids predicted whose boats would do best floating once rocks started getting added to the boats. I think it took Kennedy's boat 10 rocks to sink but remember those overachiever parents I was talking about? Some kids boat in her class held 80 something rocks and didn't sink. Wow! 
 We've had some amazing fall sunsets lately and one night I was marveling at a particularly beautiful sunset and the girls wanted to come out with me once I grabbed my camera to go snap some photos. 
 When I asked Avery who painted the beautiful sky for us she exuberantly and confidently replied: GOD! Yes Ma'am! 

 a few seconds later she did this, even though if I've said "up the stairs, down the slide" once I've said it a million times. This one is an envelope pusher! 
 Because Kennedy's school isn't fully state funded, they have several big fund raisers a year to gain support for the following school year. One of their biggest fund raisers is their "Boo Bash" which falls before Halloween each year. This year at the Boo Bash, they hosted a cake auction and asked parents to purchase and donate or make and donate cakes for the auction. I recruited Kennedy to help me select a cake design and she decided on a Pumpkin Cake we saw on Pinterest. This cake was two pumpkin cakes baked in bundt pans and put on one another - so easy and cute! I loved how it turned out minus the leaves (I need a leaf tip - that's my excuse and I'm stickin' to it!). Not to toot my own horn, but I'll have you know this cake was the high ticket cake at the auction and earned the Academy $75! 
 The girls were so excited about getting dressed up for the Boo Bash - here we are getting ready to do the trunk or treat portion of the event. Kennedy was so excited when she ran into one of her classmates! 

 This ladies' set up was ridiculously impressive (as were most of the cars) - she even handed out s'mores sticks and had a little grill set up to roast them over!!!

 Awesome pic of Daddy with our babes above and clearly Momma was rushed and couldn't really fix herself up (due to the insane cake prep) so although it's not the best pic ever - my boy/puppy looks super cute! 
Tim and I both volunteered at the boo bash (I the second part and Tim cleaning up after) but the time we spent together with the kids walking around, doing the hayride, playing carnival-type games and watching the kids do bounce houses was super fun! 

Sunday we had an easy going day and the weather was gorgeous so after church and naps we headed outside to play. Every now and then I try to take pictures of them interacting and playing because I just adore it: 
 I must elaborate on these pictures and make you laugh. So...Harley has been digging in our flower bed  (it's a nasty little habit that she's always had: digging anywhere)  and Molly has been laying right in the little area where she's dug a depression in the bed. Well - in these pictures Grey has plopped himself down in that little dug out area (awesome and totally germ free I'm sure) and Kennedy has brought her toy laptop outside to entertain him: the whole situation is just comical to me! 
 He was loving every moment of her attention and his freedom to sit where he pleased. After taking pictures Momma looked the other way so her OCD wouldn't take over and spoil the fun. 
 Oh the faces of Avery...they just never get old and I want to remember them forever. 
 This boy loves a ball - LOVES a ball!

 Can you tell. Do you like how he's not only in the "dog pit" but he's BAREFOOT in the dog pit. Praise God it was bath night! Ew.
 We stayed out playing in the yard until the sun started to set and it was so pretty i wanted to get some pictures but then I asked Avery to smile and well, you know: 
 They had been sliding their "babies" down the slide and taking turns doing so and laughing uncontrollably for Lord only knows how long - precious moments! 


  1. The balloon pictures are hilarious! Finn hasn't played with balloons yet...but we may need to! And the sunset pictures...WOW! That is beautiful! And you captured it so well. And that cake. You.are.amazing. :) You've come a long way from he lady bug cake you made for K's first birthday!

  2. Sweet pictures. That cake is more than impressive! WOW! You outdid yourself!