Sunday, November 17, 2013

Smell my Feet

I can't help myself - "Trick or Treat, Smell my Feet" is still as funny now as it was when I was a kid. I was all excited for trick or treating this year because I knew Kennedy would love it but I also knew Avery would totally grasp what was happening and I couldn't wait to be along for that ride. Because trick or treating (as with all things in life - in my book) is more fun in numbers, we headed over to my friend Jennifer's neighborhood and got ready to go get some goodies.  

The kids were raring and ready to go, but before we let them - we grabbed some quick pics. Kennedy was Tiana from Princess and the Frog (Avery kept calling her Tahnana: too funny), Avery was a cupcake and Grey - the cutest puppy I've ever seen! I picked up all three of their costumes from a consignment sale on the 1/2 price day (score!). 
 I had to include the 2nd pic, because Avery is kind of trying to smile and I mean - that just doesn't happen often in pictures so including it is necessary :). 

 Kate was Rapunzel, Becca a cowgirl and Will a ninja. My kiddos couldn't have been more excited about trick or treating with their besties. 

 Jennifer's neighborhood goes all out for all holidays and thus she had some elaborate decor. Greyson was intrigued by the skeleton. 

 and the spooky bush!
 The plan was to let the littles ride in the wagon because I figured Ave would tucker out, but Grey kept trying to get out and Avery was at an all out sprint to keep up with the big kids so we scrapped the wagon and ended up putting Grey in the stroller. I'm glad before we changed modes of transportation that we got this sweet little pic. 

 ~Sweet Friends~
 This is the group we started with, but we ended up essentially just our family and then with Katelyn and Jen for a small part. Evidently trick or treating has turned into a sport where you sprint from home to home leaping small children and shrubbery as you go. thank you. 

 Avery was all about the running but bless her little puffy cupcake self - we had to strip her down mid evening because she was getting so hot. As it turns out a cupcake costume looks super cute with nothing but pink converse :). 

The loot! 
 No more empty treat bags = happy little girls!
We came home and had some treats and then got to bed - it was a fun Halloween night. Next year Grey will be trying to keep up with these two - look out! 

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