Monday, June 25, 2012

Vacation Bible School

I interrupt this regularly planned and scheduled Tybee Island posting three to share with you some really sweet video of my big girl.

When I determined I was moving to Charlotte, I began searching for a local MOPS organization - knowing that I would need community, fellowship and friendship and found one at a nearby church (St. Giles Presbyterian Church). MOPS doesn't begin until the fall so we didn't have a lot going on for the remainder of the summer in this new city where I know very little people. Well, the sweet coordinator emailed me a couple of weeks ago to let me know that their church would be having a VBS last week if I was interested in it for Kennedy. Interested? Heck yes!

So...Monday of last week Kennedy began VBS and that first night was a bit difficult for her because she didn't recognize the church and or any of the faces inside and oh yeah btw - I was about to leave her. I asked her to be brave and stay the first night and promised her that if she didn't enjoy it - she wouldn't have to go back. When I left her she had big crocodile tears and it tore at my hormonal heartstrings but when I went back a tad early to pick her up, she was in her teachers lap and was grinning ear to ear!

Every night when I picked her up, I asked her what she'd learned and she generally gave me the token answer "I learned about Jesus". I normally pry a bit more but there's typically little to no more information shared.

On Thursday night the church passed out CDs with the music they'd been listening to and learning motions to all week and of course I popped it right in the player when we got in the car. Y'all - she knew almost every word to almost every song and was in the backseat rocking out her learned motions too. I was BLOWN.AWAY! Whether she can articulate what she's learning verbally or not - clearly these words are being written on her heart in song and it just makes me flat happy.

Friday night when we got home she performed one of her songs for her Aunt Melissa, Uncle Steve and Uncle Kevin and I couldn't wait for her to show her Daddy when he returned home on Sunday. I guess she was so proud of how much she'd learned she performed 3 songs for her Daddy and I got two of them on video (please excuse our non-VBS like attire: my girl lives for a ballet outfit!):

You like how Avery decided she wanted in on it too? Too funny!

Overall, VBS was a huge success and she really enjoyed herself. All the kids in her class got little medals for completion and of course I got tons of take home crafts that she worked on.


  1. Some thoughts: I am so thrilled that she loved VBS. I cannot wait until Keagan is old enough for it! Kennedy looks like such a big hard for me to believe how grown up she is. WOW! And Avery's bee-bopping is freaking adorable!!

  2. Such a big girl. I don't blame her for being scared to go into VBS. I hate going places I don't know anyone. I'm so glad she was brave and ended up having such a great time. I can't believe how big she's getting and how old she looks:)