Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Tybee Island Beach Vacation ~ One of many posts to come!

So, here we are all loaded up and ready to go to Tybee. I honestly don't know how we would have made it without our new minivan because Lawd have mercy our vehicle was packed! See for yourself:
In our defense - there are corn hole boards, a large beach tent and a pack n play all tucked in here. I couldn't help but think...where's poor Greyson going to sit next summer? Looks like we'll be leaving some things behind.
When we were approaching the island I saw this in broad sight and was like "what the heck?!?" I have NEVER seen anything like this - it's a drawbridge. How crazy is that sight? Tim and I were trying to explain the functionality of the drawbridge to Kennedy and she was like, "well, what if a car drove up over the top". So is kind of a hard concept even for me.
I have been to Tybee before but I guess upon approaching this bridge it wasn't drawn and therefore I just thought it was a normal bridge. Clearly...not a normal bridge: craziness!

We arrived to Tybee on Saturday afternoon, but didn't go out onto the beach until Sunday morning and pretty much from the time we stepped foot onto the beach until we left, Kennedy looked about like this (expression-wise). I like to call this look - "Permagrin".

My sweet little Avery is going to love the beach as much as her big sister it appears - she was ALL about the water!
Flying her cousins kite - big stuff!

As much as my ever increasing girth makes me want to cringe when looking at this photo - I love me some sister pics and since the two of them look so flippin' incredible I figured I'd take one for the team. ;)

Who needs to walk to the water when someone can bring you a bucket of it for you to sink your hand in?! Ahhh...beach perfection!
I had dreams of tons of cute pics of the girls in their matching suits playing together on the beach. Reality: Kennedy was WAY more interested in her cousins than her little sister and Avery was too busy trying to race towards the ocean to be bothered with picture taking. Upside: these suits were like $3.99 each at the end of the summer at Old Navy!

This is awesome Daddy!
How about this sweet little smile? One of the many highlights of the week - seeing this sweet face! Declan wasn't so much about the beach, but he did enjoy the pool.

especially if this ham was in there with him:

see?! This is one baby pool full of preciousness!
and joy too - oh the joy
Despite not seeing my Mom as much as my Mom wishes - clearly there's no issue with loving her to pieces. I LOVE this picture!
Oh the posing...can' I bought this suit for Adalyn when Abby was pregnant with her and I loved it so very much on her I snagged it for Avery at the end of the summer and had it monogrammed. My only wish - I had a picture of the two of them wearing them at the same time - it would be tutu cute...get it? Teeheehee.

The beach has a way of making kiddos super tired in fact, that they'll fall asleep in the middle of the living room this:

This book was a hot read during beach week. The two babies fought over it constantly wanted it read to them multiple times daily. Result: Melissa and I can read it with our eyes closed. Actually - I'm reading it aloud in my mind right now. Oh...Dr. Seuss has that affect on we Mommies.
There are so many more pictures to, to find the time to share them! =)


  1. OK, I know I did this via email, and tend to do this with my comments on your blog quite often. But it is how my OCD brain functions:
    (in reverse order this time)
    a. Keagan loves the Foot Book...and I am fairly certain I could also recite it. Funny how this happens!
    b. I love the swimsuits. I love how cheap you found them. I can't wait to matchy-matchy my boys!
    c. Maybe thay's why Keagan wouldn't walk to the ocean? We brought the ocean to him, also...
    d. We also wondered where our next kid will go. I failed to get a picture of our vehicle loaded down, but believe me, there wasn't any room for a tootsie roll once it was all said and done. Let alone another kid! Hmmm...

  2. So sweet! You can tell how much fun the girls had! Avery and Declan look like cousins! You can tell they are related. So sweet that they will have each other to play with:) Love the pink suit. That first picture, I was trying to remember if I had given you A's after last year and then I realized that wouldn't fit Avery this year. (duh!) I grabbed that suit at the end of last year because I loved it so much and it's actually at the monogram girl's right now getting an A put on it! We'll just have to take pics of our girls in them and then smoosh the pictures together on the computer:)

  3. First, the draw bridge has always been there! I do see how it is a hard concept to grasp for a 4 year old though! Second, your kids are oh so cute and Kennedy's permagrin is amazing! Glad y'all got some time away with your family! Miss y'all!