Friday, June 1, 2012

Settling In

So far since arriving in NC, we've basically been focused on just getting settled in here at my sisters and trying to figure out our surroundings. I assure you my husband could find his way in and out of this neighborhood easily. Me...well, not so much. Praise the Lord for a smart phone and a GPS because honestly without it I would be lost 24/7 and likely just wouldn't leave the house. It'll come in time but my sweet little precious 4 year old asks me about 10 times a day: "Momma, why do you keep turning around?" and or "Momma, is the GPS not telling you where to go?". Oh how your children have a special way of keeping you humble - SERIOUSLY! I've only melted down once since being here which I find incredibly impressive because between a new living situation, n
not knowing WHERE on earth I am 99.9% of the time and being super big pregnant with two kiddos it's like a breeding ground for stress and uncontrollable emotion. Speaking of emotion - one thing that is keeping me happy and confident in my new found environment is this right here:  
Despite not having much of a vocabulary just yet - Avery can say Declan and everyone around knows it's exactly what she's saying. She loves her cousin!

I'm not so sure Kennedy doesn't think we're on vacation. This morning was the first morning that she woke up and didn't give me the 3rd degree about why everyone wasn't here with us. She told me yesterday that she liked being home with me but that she also liked it a lot when everyone else was here too...I told her I do as well but that her Aunt, Uncle and Daddy needed to work.
Although we've completely overrun his house and believe me we have done just that, the D man seems pretty happy about having live-in visitors.
Avery is just rolling with the flow and being her usual funny self - she took her other sock off but wanted this one on and I just thought it was funny. She is rarely without her lovey and paci and I know from Kennedy it won't always be that way so I'm totally ok with it.

These two are interacting more and more and I adore it. This past weekend on the way to church they were cracking each other up in the car and it was music to my ears. I hope they are the best buddies ever.

I joined the local Y because it's super close and has an AMAZING pool which I figure we'll be using quite a bit this summer. This was our first day checking it out and Melissa and D's first time being at this particular location too. How cute is that suit? I'm proud to say I snagged it new with tags at a consignment sale in Lexington and it was a stellar purchase because he looked adorbs.
I'm pretty sure he enjoyed his first Y pool trip, what do you think?
Of course, my water baby was in heaven but Lord she is going to keep be busy at the pool this summer because she thinks she can swim a teensie bit better than she actually can. Call me paranoid but she's going to have to wear a life jacket. This Momma can't move as quick as she used to and on most occasions I'll also have Avery in tow.
I'm too sexy for my suit, too sexy for my suit....
Catina's birthday was this past weekend so she and the family stopped by so we could have a cookout and celebrate her special day. Oh the cousin love abounded.....

Check out how well Avery's cousins accessorized her:
Avery (who is usually quite the Momma's girl) kept reaching her arms out to her cousin Catherine to hold her. Sweetness!
Declan made sure to give Aunt Catina some birthday snuggles:

Avery taking a Memorial Day swim:
silly goose! our first week here I've found the Walmart, the Target, taken a visit to the play place in a Chick-fil-a,  had an appointment with my new midwife, found the children's library (which was flippin' awesome btw), gone swimming and today we'd planned a play date with Tim's co-workers wife but she cancelled due to a sick kiddo so we'll be checking out a local park solo.

I think once I get used to "city living" I'll be good but right now it's a BIG adjustment - everywhere I go seems to require parking garage parking (what?!?) and traffic is well - 24/7 and then there's the whole getting lost thing. I also would like to say that I'm pretty confident everyone in this city is "workin' on their fitness" because I feel like I'm in the land of exercisers and super fit does wonders for a pregnant girls self esteem: ha! I'm kind of lonely during the day at times, but I know it will be temporary - I'll meet people at the Y and I've signed K up for swim lessons and VBS so there's opportunity there, plus I'm signed up for MOPS and BSF in the fall so if nothing else - I'll be sure to make friends then too.

Tim and I look at some houses tomorrow (prayer appreciated) so hopefully we find something that will work for us soon.


  1. I enjoyed reading the latest updates! Glad to see you ate settling in and getting lots of cousin time! I'd be turning circles all the time too when driving around. I remember when we first moved to Raleigh and I was so scared to go anywhere by myself, for fear of ending up in another state. :). I also remember the same thing about Raleigh, in that, everyone was always doing some form of physical fitness outside. Must be a healthy state!!

    I know you will have friends in no time! Praying you all find the perfect house soon!

  2. I love those pics of the cousins!! So sweet. I was just thinking that I needed to check in with you to see how your first week has been. Sounds like you've stayed busy. You're such an extrovert that you'll have a full social schedule and friends abounding in no time at all! :) Good luck with the getting lost thing. That would be hard but you'll get it. Hope you loved your new midwife!!

  3. As I told you on the phone earlier are a super CHAMP!! I would have hermited myself inside the house for a good 2-3 weeks, cried, gotten bored, and only then would have ventured out. But I probably would have found myself lost and more crying would have ensued. You really rock my socks off that you are already so involved. What has it been, 6 days?! Sigh....but a Target would make me wanna get out too. ;)

  4. Lindsy! I didn't even know you were moving... ah! We have been out-of-town and all sorts of stuff, so I haven't seen you in forever. I do however love to keep up with you on here. Anyhow, just wanted to say: God's richest blessings on your sweet family as you all start out in a new place!

  5. Girl you need to get yourself to Ikea to pass some time!! If I didn't love Charleston so much, I would move to Charlotte. Mom and I go there about 3 times a year and we LOVE it. Talk soon, love you!!