Friday, June 8, 2012

Being Close

My Mom came to visit last weekend. Our goal was not only to hang out and visit, but she and her husband Jim also planned to help us look at some houses and let's just say that yielded a big ole' goose egg. I know God is in control of our situation and he'll reveal himself at some point, in some house or some area and we'll know.

Thankfully, despite our rather disheartening real estate search - we were all smiles because my girls haven't seen their "Honey" since CHRISTMAS! 6 months of separation is what an 11 hour drive will do to family. I'm so thankful that we will see each other MUCH more regularly due to our new short distance from each other. My girls were eating up their time with her. She was a tad concerned that Avery might not remember her or want to go to her because it's been such a while. Well.....let me just tell you there was NO issue there. I swear Grandmothers excrete some kind of something that makes all kids flock to them!

These two can keep you busy, but luckily she was up for the challenge of keeping them both so that the Steve, Melissa, Tim, Kennedy and I could get out for church. Declan had a little bug and Avery had some crazy awful diaper rash so we didn't want to put them in the nursery.
Kennedy has said some really sweet stuff about her Aunt Melissa since we've been here. She says she loves her house and she likes Aunt Melissa "a whole lot" and she wants her to go everywhere with us. I'm sure Melissa's getting enough together time since we're living with her and all, but I'm loving the closeness they are developing!
This past weekend we made a dessert that was a childhood favorite of ours. I'm not really sure what the dessert is called per se, but it's basically sherbet mixed with angel food cake chunks and frozen into a yummy summer treat. Clearly Kennedy and Avery enjoy it as much as we do.
Kennedy has been helping a lot in the kitchen and last week she got to make sugar cookies and decorate them too. She's a tad controlling when working on kitchen tasks and therefore there was so much sugar on the cookies they were practically crystallized. Oh well - you pick your battles people. Luckily, Aunt Melissa cleaned up. Lord only knows how hard it was to get that sugar off the cookie sheets.
We've been spending lots of time outside playing and exploring and blowing bubbles and whatever I can do to entertain these two and let them burn off some energy. This week Avery was introduced to the roly poly. If you look closely you can see it at the very bottom of the picture. You can likely anticipate whats coming next....wait for it, wait for it....

Poor roly poly...I was too busy taking pictures of the cuteness to save him

Kennedy went in for the save, but it was too late. We elected the bushes as a place to respectfully dispose of the poor little guy.
A few days after the unfortunate ending of said roly poly, Avery came toddling up to me in the basement with her nose all scrunched and a balled up hand. I opened my hand and she deposited a millipede and simultaneously said "yuck" and then the millipede proceeded to crawl across my palm. Gag! No worries, we've since contacted the exterminator so hopefully that's my last interaction with one of those. Ick!

Kennedy has been working hard at riding her bike and she's doing awesome! Hopefully by summers end we'll be training wheel free though I admit that frightens me a tad.

These two peanuts both had well check ups this week and they weigh practically the same thing...within ounces of each other. I'm not sure if she's tiny or he's big or both but regardless their big buddies and I love it. He gets excited to see her when she wakes in the morning and she gets excited to see him when he gets home every afternoon...its super sweet.

Our family takes our annual beach vacation next week so we leave tomorrow AM for Tybee Island, Georgia. I'm super excited to have some R&R with the family and to watch all the kiddos enjoying their "cousin time". Pray we get everything packed and ready in time!

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