Friday, July 6, 2012

What's New

I really wanted to finish blogging about our trip to Tybee, but at this rate who knows if it will happen. You'd think I've tons of time to blog but alas I don't - I still spend my "free time" aka nap time cleaning or handling bills, checkbook, etc. Plus..I'm honestly trying to carve out about 20-30 minutes for a catnap too because I'm dragging by days end if not and it just doesn't leave much time to blog. Greyson's preferred wake up time of 5 AM is doing a number on my stamina!

Anywho - Kennedy just completed a two week swim class yesterday. We've been at the pool EVERY DAY of the week aside from Friday for two weeks for this class. This was the first day:
She was so excited!!!
 I am a major chicken about swimming (afterall I truly just learned about 3 years ago when I was training for a triathlon and before then I just doggie paddled). Luckily, her teacher is braver than I and thus forced Kennedy to be she is coaxing her in sans any type of flotation device:
 brave girl

lovin' it!

The first day of class, Avery and I stood under a giant umbrella and Avery yelled at her sister from the upper deck - too cute!
Whenever Kennedy would get anywhere near us Avery would start marching and clapping - I love how much they love each other!
On Day two we came prepared with goggles so that she could "stick her face in the water and not get chlorine in her eyes":

I also came prepared with snacks because it became increasingly clear on day one that Avery would not be contained for a 30 minute swim class. So....we brought food!

This is some kind of fireman's pole drill. It may or may not have made me have heart palpitations. She grabs the pole and then scales down it for a certain amount of time holding her breath under water.
Then she pops back up - GO KENNEDY!
This week I figured her swim class would be cancelled due to the 4th, but it wasn't and she was so very excited that her Daddy would be able to come to her lesson and see her new swimming skills. Here are Avery and Kennedy before we departed for swim class - they tolerated my desire to take 4th of July pictures all the while adorned in Targets dollar spot finest!

It was nice having Tim at her swim lesson because instead of tending to Avery every single second I actually got to watch and my big girl swam half the length of the pool completely unassisted y'all! I'm so proud of her.
I mean - face in it and all! 
So very excited to have her Daddy there:
After swim lessons we headed out to Steve's parents house on Lake Wylie. They were having some people over and were gracious enough to include Team Taylor in their plans to go to the pool followed by grilling out.
This is how Declan felt about a pool trip. He NEVER woke up or got in the water. He rocked his rash guard and suit anyway though - don't you think? Sweet boy!

Avery was cracking me up all chillin' in this chair for snack time.

This child has so many facial expressions it's ridiculous! She's a trip. Aunt Melissa kept snapping away during all her silliness. Product: cuteness!
Crackin' herself up:

First of all - these two little one's are just too sweet together and second of all my girl LOVES her some Uncle's precious.
 One more sweet picture of Avery yellin' for sissy at a swim lesson earlier in the week.
 I took this picture in the Harris Teeter parking lot yesterday. Kennedy is FOREVER askin' me to push those ridiculous kiddie carts at the grocery and I refuse because usually they are ginormous and I end up practically clearing every bottom shelf in the grocery. Well, the last time we were in HT she saw this cart and I told her next time we went we would look for it because it didn't look like it would be difficult to maneuver. Well - wouldn't you know she remembered that and asked as soon as we pulled in the parking lot yesterday. A promise is a promise so I loaded them up and not only was it not hard to push, it kept them completely entertained the entire time we were in there. I practically bathed them in hand sanitizer after we got back in the car but next time we're at HT, I'll be looking for this cart.
It has been so stinkin' hot here lately that all this pregnant Momma can do is go to the pool and then after we get home we pretty much stay inside because the heat is almost painful. Yesterday I grabbed some popsicles and here my girls are enjoying them outside after our grocery trip. This was Avery's first popsicle and she LOVED it! Who wouldn't?  


  1. WOW Kennedy! I had no idea this was SERIOUS swim lessons. I don't remember what swim lessons were like at that age, and we aren't there yet with Keagan, but I am totally impressed! WAY TO GO K! And Avery, oh Avery! She cracks me up how she cracks herself up. The best part of this blog to me? That your girls have Fourth of July SWIMSUITS! :) Love it!

  2. Kennedy is getting so big! She looks like a little fish in that water!! How sweet:) Try to stay cool. Even the pool is too hot on days like these... :)