Monday, July 9, 2012

Fun Times

Here lately, Tim and I have been noticing our girls playing more and more with each other and we ADORE it! I seriously don't know a sweeter sound than the two of them giggling together. Even Avery's reaction to Kennedy when Kennedy wakes up in the morning - it's just indescribable joy and I'm so thankful that currently they seem to genuinely love each other to pieces. Avery has been wanting to sit with Kennedy and it's kind of a new thing...she'll kind of back up on her or whomever she wants to sit with. Well, Kennedy doesn't particularly like Avery sitting ON her lap, so she's developed a more comfortable modification and I've walked around the corner many a times lately to this kind of sweet moment:
We were lucky enough to have Catherine and Maggie visit us in Charlotte on Friday because their Momma was working and their Daddy was here in Charlotte for the day so it worked out perfectly for me to have them. Those two girls are big swimmers so I figured where better to take them all than the pool. I had multiple people ask me if all four girls were mine...can you imagine what they thought since I look like I'm about to pop another kid out any moment? Ha! I'll claim them as mine for sure...Kennedy and Avery are blessed to have such sweet cousins - those girls just play and play with my girls and I'm so very thankful for that.

When we first got there, I checked Avery into child care at the Y (free for members: nice!) so I could spend some time in the "big pool" with the big girls and then right before lunch I went and picked her up and the five of us played in the baby pool and splash pad until "the wheels started falling off". On the way home it looked like I was going to have four sleeping beauties in my swagger by the time we got home but alas they all stayed awake for a post pool popsicle.

fun pool day!

On Saturday we celebrated Melissa's birthday with Team Vaughan before they departed for a trip to Europe. Here is a pic of the birthday girl and her biggest fan Declan. Declan was so happy all day long...just smiley and giggly and sweet...I told Melissa that was the best birthday gift ever (not that he isn't always a doll, but he was UBER content all was the perfecto present).
Tim's parents sent the girls some little stuffed babies from their trip to Alaska and I swear the girls have not PUT THEM DOWN since they arrived in the mail. They've been playing with them, sleeping with them and Kennedy has even been feeding hers and "putting it to bed" for naps and night time. She's named her seal Snowball and says Avery can name her bear whenever she grows up: too funny! Avery will squeeze hers all into her face and then pat it's little back like she's burping a's precious!
I took these pictures before church on Sunday and I kept saying "smile...tell Nana and Pawpaw Thank you" and Avery just kept repeating "Pawpaw, Pawpaw" over and over again! I thought to myself...isn't that fitting...Nana probably picked them out and mailed them without Pawpaw every knowing but all Avery can say is Pawpaw, Pawpaw, Pawpaw. Ha!
I'm officially in my 36th week of pregnancy and let me just tell you...I feel every bit of it! I hurt my back on Thursday of last week and I've taken the "pregnancy waddle" to a whole new level. I've been seeing a chiropractor but have gotten little relief so I received a Physical Therapy referral today and I'm hoping for some relief REALLY soon. On top of the back pain I've started swelling...not sure if it's the weather or Greyson's position or what but today I'm rockin' a bit of a cankle on the left side (nice!). So...I'll be happy when I can get back to normal so to speak.

Just like I did before Avery's arrival, I've been trying to be very intentional about my one on one time with Kennedy just because I know after Greyson arrives it will be hard to find that time. Tim took her on a movie date on Saturday night and on Sunday she and I experienced her first musical together (Rapunzel) is a picture Tim snapped before we left. Sweet big girl:


  1. Kennedy just looks so grown up! Where did the last 3 years go! She and Avery are just so beautiful!

  2. Oh, I miss my big girls. They have grown so much in the last six weeks, like overnight.