Sunday, July 15, 2012

Lazy last week

It's been a pretty lazy last week for me. It became apparent to me on Monday that my back pain was severe enough that I was going to need some help with the kids. Luckily, my Mom had offered to come help and although it is SO HARD for me to accept help - I took  her up on it. Steve was out of town this week and my sister was single parenting so it was especially nice to have her here so she could help us both  (thanks Mom!) Thank heavens she came because I have been kind of immobilized for the most part. Unless I'm sitting - I'm hurting. I've now seen both my midwife, a chiropractor and a physical therapist and they are all saying the same thing: "once you have the baby this is going to go away". Truthfully, although they are experts - I'm really questioning that because it seems sooo very muscular and it is SO VERY painful! I hope they are right because I can imagine nothing worse than bringing home a newborn in this condition. The way I understand it, the pregnancy has caused an increase in the release of a hormone called relaxin and that increase has caused shifting of things that shouldn't be shifting yet..said shifting is causing pain in areas which is then leading to muscle guarding which is creating tightness and soreness in places that there shouldn't be. So...basically all I can do is rest and see PT for massage therapy and stretching to relieve some pain but up to this point NOTHING has taken it away so it's the understatement of the century when I say I'm ready to meet my son soon! Thankfully, having my Mom here enabled me to start the baby preparation process. I'm happy to report my bag is mostly packed and the clothes, blankets, burp rags are all washed and the moses basket is ready and the car seat is ready to be installed so we would survive if he came sooner rather than later and that's allowed me to feel much less stressed. Mom took Kennedy to her swim lessons this week and took them to the library for story time one day and I basically rested as best I could. I am really hoping that all the rest from this past week and this weekend will set me up for success this week but we'll see.

Each night Melissa skyped with Steve and the kids were really into are some cute pictures:

I kept trying to tell my girls to give Declan space so he and Melissa could spend that time with him, but my girls LOVE their Uncle Steve and Melissa didn't seem to mind so it was the scene from above repeated during most Skype chats.

Chelsea came through on Thursday and it was so nice to get some time with her on her birthday! My Mom made her a cake and some yummy sub sandwiches and she and her sister and cousin had supper with us before they got back on the road to complete their journey back to PA from a fun summer trip to FL. She brought the kiddos a sweet surprise:
I can't wait to take this picture again once Greyson has arrived - it will be SO very cute. Thanks for the sweet T's Chelsea!

Yesterday we spent our morning at the pool (one of Melissa's co-workers graciously invited us to join them). Tim kept Avery because I knew it would be too much for me with my back to take them both and since Kennedy's a big swimmer now I figured it would be pretty relaxing. It was really nice to get out and enjoy the outdoors but the pool had a diving board and my big girl was ALL OVER the place. At first she was afraid to try the diving board but once convinced she tried it and as soon as her head bobbed back above the water she said "Now that I've done it once, I feel comfortable". Ha!

When I called Tim from the pool to tell him she was jumping off the diving board he was all nuh-uh!?!?!? He told me to shoot some video, so for your viewing pleasure:

It's hard for me to believe she's big enough for all this, but clearly she is!

She finishes up her second week of swim classes this week and then we'll be done with class for the summer. I'd say those Y classes paid off big time!


  1. Wow! Where did the little girl go that I used to babysit so long ago? She is pro at jumping off that diving board! Also, I am loving that huge smile she has when Skyping with Uncle Steve! So cute!

  2. Girl, I hate that you are hurting. Soon, very soon, Greyson (or Thing-3!) will come out and hopefully you will get some relief. :(

  3. hahaha Thing 3. :) I like that! Uhm...I agree with the above comments! I can't BELIEVE Kennedy is that big...doesn't seem right. And yes, I hate that you are hurting...but I am agreeing that it will be a thing of the past when Thing 3 is here...if not sooner.

  4. Oh my goodness!! It has been TOO long since I've blog hopped my way over to you Lindsy. I've missed so much ;-) I will be praying for you that God gives you some sweet relief soon in your pain. I had a friend who had similar pain in one of her 4 pregnancies. It will get better if her experience is any indication!

    I also had a friend with those same shirts (Thing 1, 2 & 3) for her 3 boys. TOO CUTE!!! They were particularly accurate for her boys as they were/are VERY busy little "things"!

    I had the hugest giggle at Kennedy's "diving" off the board! Good for her... but I have to ask... did her face hurt by the end of her time doing that? Poor thing looked like she face planted each time - bless her!!

    Hang in there... Your little guy will be here soon!!

    1. Sue - Thank you in advance for your prayers because this girl surely needs them! =) I'm so happy to hear about your friend and am hopeful I have a similar result!

      I didn't even notice her face when she dove, but it's likely because I was holding my breath - this whole swimnming thing is still growing on me...makes me a nervous wreck!

      Thanks for the encouragement!

  5. Ugh!! Hate to hear how much pain you are in. Will be praying for you for the rest of the pregnancy. He will be here soon!!! Glad that you asked for help!! Miss you around here!

  6. I hate that you're in so much pain:( That so stinks. Thankfully you're close enough to your mom that she could come help you out! Too bad you can't see T for a second opinion. boo. She's told me that I need to come see her after baby before I even think about taking up running/exercising again. Crazy how whacked out our bodies get when we're pregnant! At least you're listening to your body and trying to get some relaxing in.

    The videos of K on the diving board are so cute! I can't believe she's old enough for that! Where did time go? sniff sniff!!!