Thursday, July 19, 2012

Big Sister x 2

Kennedy has been MUCH more interested in my pregnancy this time around than she was when I was pregnant with Avery. I'm guessing her increase in intrigue is likely due to age, but it excites me nonetheless because transitioning from only child to two for her was hard and I'm  hopeful the upcoming transition to three will be a blip in the radar or dare I say even exciting for her. To aid in her excitement we enrolled her in the "Sibling Tour" class offered through the hospital where we will deliver Greyson.

Their website describes the class like so:

Sibling Tour

Big Brother/Big Sister Program

A tour of the maternity center helps alleviate the fears of "where mommy is," and makes children feel more like participants in the big event. This class includes the following events:

  • A tour of the maternity center.
  • Children are instructed on how to be "mommy's helper."
  • Each child receives a graduation certificate and coloring book. Bring a camera!
Due to my back issues, I asked Daddy to take her to the class and so they spent about an hour this past Saturday at the hospital getting Big Sister ready. They were instructed to bring a baby or stuffed animal. She didn't select one of her baby's as one of her "stay out of storage items" alas....she took sister's bear. Tim said she diapered better than any of the other kids there - that a girl! *The night before when I was telling Kennedy about the class, I told her she would be learning how to change a diaper and she looked at me with big eyes and a surprised expression and said "you mean, I'm going to be changing all of Greyson's diapers"? BAHAHAHAH! I told her she wouldn't have to change any if she didn't want to but that if she did she would need to know how, to which she replied: "Mom, I know how - I've been watching you".
Proud of her finished project:

Her "baby" getting weighed:
Bear is still rockin' his pampers - it's a nice and tight job, right?
Her certificate:
and coloring book:
Kennedy seemed to really enjoy the class and I'm glad - I know she's going to be an awesome helper because she already is a HUGE help with Avery and oh how Avery adores her. I am thankful that the hospital offered such a neat little class. In Lexington, St. Joseph offered a similar class but because Avery made her debut before any of us expected - she arrived before Kennedy got to participate in the class. Truthfully, Kennedy may know more about the hospital than I do at this point: ha! Tim and I took the hospital tour week before last and all I could think the whole time was "man, I really don't want to do this again (labor)" and I'm pretty sure I zoned out for 75% or more of the tour. Sad, but true!

In other news, I reached my 37th week of pregnancy on Tuesday and had an ultrasound and Dr.'s appointment yesterday. Baby Grey appears to be about 5lb 16oz and they are predicting his birth weight will be about 7.5lbs which sounds perfect to me! My fluid level (which got dangerously low with Avery and earned me an early induction) looks to be the low side of normal, but nothing concerning at this point. I'm scheduled for another ultrasound in two weeks but I'm hopeful that he will make an entrance early and I won't make it to that appointment. Wishful thinking maybe but I'm going to go with it. I am "progressing" naturally at this point so with any luck we'll be having a baby sooner than my due date of August 7th!


  1. I am glad Kennedy enjoyed the class! She IS gonna be such huge help. I thought about doing the same thing with Keagan...but, let's just be honest, he has no clue and wouldn't get it.

  2. K is so cute with that bear. I'm pretty impressed with the diapering job she did! But she has had a lot of experience seeing how to do it first hand:) That class is such a sweet idea for the older siblings. I can't wait to see when G decides to come!! The three of us should have put bets down for who goes first, second and third:) I'm willing to bet you'll be first:)

  3. I can't believe he'll be here so soon!!! Can't wait to see what he will look like!