Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Results

My 30 K trail run was this past weekend in Winston Salem, North Carolina. Tim, Kennedy and I left on Thursday afternoon and drove to West Virginia to stay overnight with his parents. Friday morning we got up and had breakfast and coffee and socialized and then hit the road to North Carolina. The girls were soooooooooooooo excited to see each other. It was too precious for words to be honest. They just love each other and they play so incredibly well.

On Thursday morning I had woken up with a sore throat so I was a bit concerned about my run but it was nothin cough drops and Advil couldn't fix. We got up bright and early to head to the race and it was heavily misting outside. We both knew it most likely wasn't going to be fun, but lets be honest - when you train that hard - you run the event Rain or Shine! It went from misting to raining and early into the run we were both pretty much soaked. Luckily the majority of the race was under tree covering. The green way portion was awful though - just steadily raining with no cover.

I started out planning to attempt to keep up with my sister for as long as possible and I am not sure at this point whether that was a mistake or not. Around mile 9 my legs were heavy and I am not sure why. I had just run 16 the weekend prior so why would my legs be heavy that early into the run? My only guess is because I was trying to keep up with "speedy" as I will affectionately refer to my beloved sister as. I was determined that if I ignored said heaviness than I would "mind over matter" the pain and finish strong with her by my side.

Well....that's what I get for thinking because at mile 13 I thought to myself - there is no way I can keep this pace and finish and I decided it best to tell her so. It was my way of saying to myself: "it's ok to go my own pace as well as telling her it was okay for her to go hers". End result = speedy left me in the dust.

For some reason in trail runs there are vast separations between runners - I really can't explain why. It isn't like your typical 5K, 10 K or any major race really when you can see others behind, in front of and beside you. I couldn't see ANYONE - in front of, behind, etc. Because you are on a trail in the woods there aren't even any spectators or scenery for that matter - just dirt (or in this case - mud), rocks, and trees. I guess my point for telling you all that is to share the fact that it was extremely mentally challenging. I had lots of time to think about things like:

  • "man, I have got some speed work to do if I am going to keep up with her next month during the marathon"

  • "why is she so fast anyways?"

  • "is this really happening - I would be at the half-way point if this were the marathon. Translation - I would be running half of the marathon all by my lonesome. BOOOOO!"

  • "Is that a rock in my shoe.....why yes, I believe it is....that hurts"

  • "I feel a blister"

  • "Man my quads are tight"

  • "where is that next water stop anyhow"

  • "Is my IPOD on repeat because I swear I just heard "All the single ladies" two seconds ago"

  • "is it almost over"

You can see how positive being alone was for me right? Oh my goodness! Anyhow, I finished without walking (amazingly enough) and was super excited to see the finish line and Speedy believe it or not.

Our times:
Finisher # 207 out of 391
Vaughan, Catina aka "Speedy"
Race Time: 02:46:25
Pace/Mile: 08:56

Finisher # 242 out of 391
Taylor, Lindsy
Race Time: 02:52:47
Pace/Mile: 09:17

Not too shabby, huh? I was really hard on myself (as usual) afterwards, but ultimately I know it was an amazing accomplishment and in hind sight I am thrilled that I finished even if I couldn't keep up with Speedy. I have committed to stronger training - not only running but eating well and getting in my needed sleep/rest. I can't believe the marathon is in four weeks - CRAZY!

I wish I had pictures of the marathon but our hubbys stayed at home with the kiddos because of the rain and although super sister Melissa came to cheer us on she came sans camera. =(

I do have a cutie picture of Kennedy with her cousins:

Oh...and just for laughs I would like to take this opportunity to share a parenting experience with you. Kennedy behaved so well during the car ride that I told her when we stopped to pee pee, she could have a sucker. The problem with this promise is that apparently the WV welcome center/travel plaza only sells suckers made by the Amish??? Who knew. Please observe said suckers:

Can you say, holy sucker? HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. LOL Love the little sucker your got for Kennedy - too funny!

    Well I have to say Lindsy, I am more than impressed! I couldn't run to the end of my street let alone a 30K trail hike. I did 2km on the treadmill today & thought I was amazing - lol

    You should be VERY proud of yourself and as in life, don't worry about Speedy & her pace. We all have our own! ;-) Good job on the race!!

  2. OMG so cute, Linds (the sucker I mean). How funny! You are such an amazing athlete; I am so proud of you!!! I will be thinking of you this weekend as I struggle through my first half marathon...wishing you were running next to me but knowing you'll be next to me on Nov 7th! LOVE YOU!

  3. I really just laughed out loud at that last picture! HAHA! How cute was she when she saw her sucker?? She looks like she's in awe that mommy let me have it! :) You're awesome and you know trail running takes way more out of ya than street running (from my vast experience ha!) plus the rain takes some out of ya too! You'll be great for the marathon!