Thursday, September 3, 2009

Prima, Prima


Tonight was Kennedy's first dance class at Diana Evans School of Dance in Lexington (my friend Laura takes her daughter Lily there and told me about their classes). Kennedy's class is called Two's in Tututs. Seriously? Yes! So stinkin' cute! She was pretty shy overall but she was super happy to see "friends dancing" and other "yiddle girls" and in the end she was thrilled with the sticker and coloring page she got as a reward for sticking it out during her first lesson. Now.....if we can work on the gawking mothers outside the door causing other children to cry we may have fun with this. Yikes!

Here are some pictures from last night trying on our "piddy dance outfit". Hilarious!

A girl in a tutu has to twirl, you know?

oh..and check out said "piddy dance outfit"

This is the closest thing to "cheese" I could get out of the little munchkin. Not that she is a narcissist or anything but seriously I barely push the camera button and she is spouting off "see de pitures, see de pitures". Will you get a look at those ballet slippers! Too cute for words I tell ya.


  1. Lindsy, I am so excited that Kennedy is taking ballet. I took 13 years of ballet and loved every minute of it! I hope Kennedy does also and I cannot wait for Spring Recital! I will be there with my dancing shoes on! ha

  2. Oh my goodness... way too cute! Love her little outfit ;-) She is such a doll Lindsy!

  3. Way Way too cute. I hadn't thought of a spring recital. You know Nana will be there with her camera.

  4. How precious! She's of that's how you spell that! :) HA! Little mini princess!

  5. Too cute!!! I can't wait to have a "piddy" little girl! :)

    I got your link from Abby - she said you are running the MCM in October! Good luck!

    Cant wait to read more!