Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The exciting news is.....

I will be running my marathon for St. Jude patients nationwide. I am so thrilled to be fundraising for St. Jude words can't even describe. I have always admired what they do and I am just tickled to get to be a part of such an awesome thing. Catina and I will both be trying to reach a goal of $1,000.00 for St. Jude prior to our race on October 25th. So...if you have some extra change and you want to help out an AMAZING cause - click here.

As for other life news - we are still working diligently to finish our house. I have begun and hope to finish the guest bedroom today and next up - the final room - the bonus room! Praise Jesus! I am so ready for home improvement to be over I can hardly stand it. The house is taking shape though - it will be really cute. We have been so busy turning it into what we want it to be I have hardly stopped to enjoy what it already is - one story (so nice with Kennedy), brick (it is super quiet - so much better than our other house where we could hear conversations outside), convenient to ......well....everything really, and last but not least - more affordable which we hope will allow us to use our money more efficiently. We are really praying that the Lord will bless this move and that we will use any excess money how he wants us to use it. There are lots of things we have discussed using any excess for but we'll see where the Lord leads us.

Hampton is hanging in there. The poor thing developed a nose bleed on Friday that hasn't really stopped. Because of all of our fresh paint and trim work we had no choice but to take him to the clinic on Saturday. There is alot I can handle but blood all over what we have been working so hard at is not one of those things. Yesterday it became clear to me that his days are numbered. I plan to bring him home tomorrow with a special collar that will help us keep our home clean but provide a comfortable resting place for him until it's "time". I hope that the nose bleed will somehow miraculously stop and we will have him a little longer but it isn't looking favorable right now. Please keep us in your prayers. I never dreamed making this "when" decision would be so hard. I watch people do it in my line of business every day sadly. It is so clear to me when it's "time" for other pets but when it's your own it is such a weighty decision - one that I cannot describe. It will be unbelievable emotional and gut wrenching for me but I know he has had an incredible life and that he will be free of pain and most importantly the cancer that is ravaging his body when he is gone. I just want to know when and feel at peace about that decision. Again - please just pray for us.

Well...I have some precious pictures of Kennedy with her Aunt Neenie and Uncle Joshie who were here with us this past weekend. I would love to post them now but unfortunately duty calls - it's time for second coats of paint. I will save them for next time. Having them here was wonderful but sad all the same. Saying goodbye was really difficult but I am looking forward to seeing Janine again @ Kennedy's upcoming second birthday party. Oh - did I mention that? I am planning a bday party amidst all this mess! Sheesh!

More soon.....

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