Wednesday, September 2, 2009

He's Gone

This evening around 8:20 PM I said goodbye to my best friend. We have shared so many things. He was there when I had my first serious breakup and broken heart, he was there when I moved to Kentucky and left all I knew behind in South Carolina (except for him thank God!), he was there through tough college times - there to share my joys, there to catch my tears when I was sad, there to spoon when I felt lonely, there for the multiple 10 hour long car drives from Murray to Charleston and back, there when I got my first job, my first apartment on my own, there when I met the man I would marry, there when I bought my first home and there when I brought my first baby home. Wow - the memories. We have played catch countless times, hung out in various yards for hours on end, we have jumped in and out of waves on the coast, we have run countless miles together in numerous towns, and the list goes on. He has befriended everyone he has ever met and he has alwas been fiercely in love with me and protective of me. Sounds like an incredible best friend, huh? He was. He was also the best dog I am sure I will ever know or have. There will never be another Hampton. I will miss him so dearly but I take comfort in knowing that I finally knew today - it was time.


  1. Lindsy, You were a great Mommy to him, he knew it and he loved you more than anything. It was so clear. He was going down a rough road, you made him feel better. It is only human that this is so difficult, and God will lay peace on your heart. No, there will never be another "Grandpa" Hampton, he was a damn good dog with a good spirit, so gentle and kind always; it is nice to remember him this way. I am praying for you and wish I were there to hold you. But please know you are in my prayers tonight (always) and I love you.

  2. Oh Lindsy... I am so sad for you reading about having to say good-bye to your BF, Hampton. We have had to say good-bye to both our cats in the past 18 months. I feel your pain!

    I will pray for God's peace to pour over you in the coming days.

  3. I'm praying for you. Last night when Billie called to tell me, I just was so upset. And reading this post I had tears down my face. He was such a good dog. And now you know he's not in pain. I just wish I could do something to comfort you! I really can't imagine being in your shoes.