Thursday, September 17, 2009

2 Years

My baby's second birthday party was on Saturday. I CANNOT believe she is two. I know I probably said that on her actual birthday post, but I can still remember this moment:
The moment I saw her.....this beautiful little creature Tim and I together had created - Wow!

This picture is still one of my favorites and I think it's because it just seems as though she is saying "hello world, here I am now let me see what is all around me".

Then, we left the hospital and the Taylor house has never been the same since. It just doesn't seem like that was two years ago. Time flies!

We had a turtle themed birthday party because the child loves turtles. We had lots of friends over and just had a good time talking, eating, playing and opening presents. I am proud to say that as nervous as I was about making her birthday cake I am super thrilled with how it turned out.

Behold, the "smash cake" or # 2 as we were affectionately calling him

And the actual party cake aka "Herman" (not sure why).

The reason smash cakes are called smash cakes. Go birthday girl! Go!

The birthday present from Honey last year has obviously not lost it's popularity with the kiddos. What kid doesn't love a bubble maker? Honestly!

Kennedy got so many wonderful presents but this one probably stole the show thanks to Nana and Pawpaw. She loves her little tricycle. I am not sure if it's because she likes riding it or just loves donning her princess protective paraphernalia. Either way it's too cute for words.

We had a lot of very dear people here to celebrate with us and I wouldn't have it any other way for Kennedy. We are so thankful for our friends and family. I feel certain that if her descriptive vocabulary were more mature she would tell you it was a wonderfully magical 2nd birthday party. Thank you to all who helped us make it that way!

People in attendance (for memory's sake): Aunt Neenie, Chelsea, Courtney, Nana & Pawpaw, McCaws, Mastins, Banks, Stouts, and of course Mommy and Daddy.


  1. Where did 2 years go? We have so enjoyed watching her grow up. You and Tim are doing a great job. Your party was turtle-icious.

    Lots of fun!!!

  2. I can't believe that baby pic! Boy, time has flown! Was it already 2 years ago that we came to visit you in the hospital to meet Kennedy for the first time??

    I wish we could have been at the party! We love you guys!

  3. Oh Lindsy, what special memories of your precious Kennedy! I LOVE her cake... you did a great job! The picture of her on her tricycle is adorable. Enjoy the memories!!

  4. Oh such a wonderful past 2 thankful that I have been a part of it. I love you all!