Tuesday, September 8, 2009

14, 2, and baby

This past weekend was our 14 mile training run. Yep - I said 14. I was actually kind of nervous about it which is odd because training runs don't usually evoke any type of nervous reaction from me. Well...this one did. I guess the nerves developed because I realized this past week that I have done multiple half marathons at this point and a ton of long runs to train for those but I haven't ran anything over 13 miles since I trained for my first full marathon - FIVE YEARS AGO. So...bright and early we met the little running group we have started to join on our long training runs. It was pretty uneventful really. We both had a good run and the weather was really beautiful. I had some "gunk" leftover from being sick and at one point Court and I started hyperventilating (literally) because I shared the details of Hamptons passing with her and we had to stop and walk. It wasn't funny then.....but it's kinda funny now just because not everyone loves pets like I do - but she does! When I got back in my car after we had stretched and re-hashed the run details (as is customary for most runners) I realized "oh my gosh we basically just did a half....and some extra". Ha! Love it! Anyhow...Janine is in town this weekend (yipee) and plans to run with us and I think we are shooting for 9 which will be nice. Next weekend is 16 and my 30K in Winston Salem is the following weekend. Moving right along, right? It seems to be flying by.

My baby turned two today at exactly 11:36 AM. I CANNOT believe it. Where did the time go? It seems like I just had her and was walking the streets with her fussy, spitting up, fussy, cranky, crying, did I say fussy? behind in my "magic sling" (as I lovingly referred to it as) and now she is saying things like "my belly - don't touch!" or "don't hit Mommy....and don't pull hair". Oh my goodness. It's crazy. We didn't really do much special birthday stuff today although my friend Erica came by with her little girl Evie and we had a play date which Kennedy is always game for. The big celebration will come this weekend at her turtle themed birthday party.

Things that my little two year old loves: Animals! Shocking, I know.

This is Kennedy with a little cat named Archie that is staying at the clinic right now

Watching her princess movies: Sleeping Beauty, Little Mermaid, Cinderella, Snow White, Beauty and the Beast...all of them really though currently she is most partial to Sleeping Beauty.

Going to the park.

Playing with friends (thats Erica's little girl Evie).

Feeding the ducks (even big white ones who bite you when they take bread=)

And as of last night....sleeping in her "big girl bed".

Anyhow....can't believe she is growing up so fast. I know you other Mommy's out there hear me. Happy Birthday Kennedy Clare!

Billie's baby shower was on Sunday. Lots of planning and envisioning has now come to a close. Everything at Abby's looked precious. My heavenly days the girl rearranged her furniture for this thing y'all. What a hostess! The food was delicioso compliments of Tinkers Cake Shop and Gourmet Goodies not to mention the faboo hummus from Kroger Marketplace and some fabulous vegetable and fruit chopping by Abby herself. I made some super sweet and yummy punch and all in all we had a really nice spread. Billie got some things off of her registry and some neat things that weren't on her registry but all great things to prepare her for the exciting journey that lies ahead. Eli will be here before we know it. I don't have shower pictures yet but I am sure Abby will post some soon.

Thats all for now....


  1. WOW a big girl bed!!!! Movin' on up--how did she do?? I cannot believe it has been two years since the birth day. I cannot wait to see K this weekend (and you too, OF COURSE)!! Love you...

  2. Kennedy is so cute!
    I got the turtle outfit at Dillards a week or two ago - it was 70% off. Not sure if your Dillards would still have it or not???

  3. Way to go in your marathon prep. I think I'd keel over running to the end of my street, let alone all those KMs! Yikes!

    Happy Birthday to your Sweet Kennedy! She is SOOOO cute! Loved her little self in her "big girl bed"... she looks like she'd get lost it in - hee hee

    I saw the pics over at Abby's blog of the shower and you girls did a FAB job! That cake was gorgeous and loved the colors on the diaper cake too! I'm sure Billie was blown away by all you girls did! She's blessed to have such amazing friends :-)

    Have a great Wednesday :-)