Wednesday, April 9, 2014

So, Remember......

....when like three posts ago I shared that it was "only the beginning" of Snowmaggedon here in the Carolina's? Well, here is round two my friends. They were talking 8 inches of the fluffy stuff: for reals! I'll be honest, I wasn't buying it but when we woke up and saw it coming down it began to make a believer out of me. 
Did you say PJ Day? Woo-hoo!

My window bird feeder brought all the birds to my yard - is this reminding y'all of an old jingle? Hint: milkshake. Ha ha! 
Almost 4 inches before noon and still coming down strong. 
When I realized that we were going to be "snowed in"...literally I started trying to think of snow related things to do and of course making Snow Cream was high on our list! 

Clearly, the snow cream was a hit. I would like to note that PJ Day in our house = dress up day for the girls, which basically means it's no different than ANY other day. Avery spends more time in outfits like this than normal clothes. 
After naps, we headed out for snow play. Daddy took a break from working at home in order to join us. I would like to take a moment and just pay respect to the fact that it takes a bloody hour to get kids ready for snow play. Honest to goodness it takes FOREVER to get them all bundled up, but luckily they play for a WHILE once we are out in it which makes the getting ready process a bit less painful. 

That first day it was just powdery soft and fluffy - we couldn't really do much with it but walk on it and through it and literally play in it. No snow man making on day one. 

I mean, look at this kid! He is in a winter suit (with built in footies and mittens) shoved into WAY TOO BIG boots and then covered in a rain coat. Hey, whatever it takes right? We live in the South for crying out loud. 

This is what we do at the beach. We figured why not do it in the snow too. Makes perfect sense. Buried! 
Overnight and the next day, snow continued to fall. There is more snow fun to come! 


  1. These are great pics, too! I love that your kids enjoyed the snow cream. mine did not. But I did! :)