Thursday, April 10, 2014

Snowed In ~ Day #2

After our first snowed-in day, we all took warm showers and then decided to do a little baking. After all, the next day was Valentine's day and who doesn't love a little holiday baking...especially when you're cooped up? 
 *The Proud Cookie Decorators*
 They passed the taste test for sure! 

Overnight we were to get freezing rain and more snow. When I woke up the next morning - here is where we were with more coming down as I took the picture!!!! Craziness.
Our Dog Molly was a on a bit of a "potty strike" if you will. She walked out into the yard early that morning and literally slid across the piled up snow. The freezing rain had turned all that snow into a hardened sheet of elevated ice. It was the strangest thing. I could walk out on it and not sink down in it. So...I set out on a walk once we all had breakfast and what not to see if I could elicit some success with her. No such luck. The dog went a solid 48 hours - no joke. Stubborn border collie.

 I couldn't get over that despite it being so still and so quiet and so peaceful outside - the birds were still partying at our house thanks to our little window feeder. 
 After naps, it had warmed up a little bit and the snow was a slushy consistency so we decided to get back out in it. First stop: our backyard play set. 

 I mean, look at his little sunken boot. Avery and Grey pretty much needed walking assistance. 
 Whats more fun than a slide? A slide with snow at the bottom, that's what! 
 After a little play set fun, we decided to venture down the street to a prime sledding location. This was our means of transportation for the "littles".

 And they're off! 

 The gigantic bush at the bottom of our sledding hill functioned as not only a massive speed bump, but apparently a cozy resting spot as well. 
Oh, that smile! 

 After we finished our sledding fun, Kennedy and Daddy set to work building a snowman. In case you're not part of the Frozen revolution, all snowmen are forever known as Olaf now. Thank you Disney.

 Mission Accomplished!

 After mission snowman I still had some major time to kill to keep these kiddos entertained until supper. Enter Pinterest and Google and my idea to make homemade slime. Purple slime. 
 The ewwwwed and laughed and squished and squealed for an hour or better - SUCCESS!

 I can't tell a lie - it was pretty cool. 

 Oh this child and her facial expressions. I'm not sure what was happening here but I'm pretty sure she's telling you to come back for more because we've one more day of snow play to share with you! 


  1. great snow pictures! And SLIME! I will have to check that out. And this bottom pic of the toy box-o-chocolates, well my first thought was I WANT THOSE. Then I thought Why does SHE get all those?! Then I remembered the toy. Yeah, I am special like that to be envious of a little girl with a seemingly perfect box of chocolates. :)

  2. I love the joy in their faces while sledding! So much fun:) And of course you made home-made slime. Because you're supermom. I would never think to make such a thing. Looks like fun tho:)