Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A special visitor

In March, a much anticipated guest came to stay with us from Kennedy's classroom. It was a BIG deal...Kennedy and all of her classmates look forward to their turn with this guest ALL YEAR. They get to bring this guest home and then document their time with the guest - what they did, where they went, etc. During their time with the guest they also get to share "all about me" items with their friends through pictures and a poster that hangs up that entire week. 

The mascot for Union Academy is a cardinal and they've named this cardinal Red Rocket. Now, according to my sister that name can be used for other things (ahem) but I digress. Without further ado... our time with Red Rocket: 
He came along for the ride at Avery's birthday party. 
He helped Kennedy and her Daddy build a milk carton bird house. 
Assisted, er observed the all about Kennedy poster making project. 

Kennedy did this canvas painting of Red Rocket over the Christmas holiday, but she wanted a picture of she, the canvas and the "inspiration" - Red Rocket himself. 
He got fun rides in the scooter basket! 

& pretty much hung out with Kennedy every where she went while he was with us. 
For documentation purposes, I thought it would be fun to share his letter to the class about his time in our home here: 
Hello Boys & Girls! 
I've got another fun adventure under my feathers and I'm excited to tell you all about it. After I went home with Kennedy on Friday, we went to have dinner and play at her cousin Declan's house. Kennedy wanted to ensure that I stated safe from the "little ones" so she left me nice and warm in my bed in  the car but she told everyone all about me. 
Saturday morning was full of excitement ans Kennedy's little sister Avery had a birthday party planned and I got to go along for all the fun. We went to a really neat place called Lazy 5 Ranch in Mooresville, NC. Have any of you ever been there? I got to help Kennedy feed goats right out of her hand. I got to see a baby kangaroo run and then jump right into his mothers pouch. I saw animals I had never seen before - bison, water buffalo, giraffes, watusi, peacocks, llamas, pigs and the list goes on and on. Kennedy was really brave and fed all kinds of things, but I got a little overwhelmed and hid inside of Kennedys' Mom's vest to stay warm and safe. After Lazy 5 we went to a nearby playground and had a picnic. It was an exciting adventure and I"m glad  I got to go along for the ride. 
On Sunday we went to church and then I helped Kennedy and her Daddy make a bird feeder to hang in the front yard. Since I know so much about birds and what they like, I was sure to add  my input and test it out to make sure it was satisfactory. I think hey did a great job and lots of birds will come and use their feeder. 
On Monday I was sad for Kennedy to go to school, but her little sister Avery and little brother Greyson took good care of me. When Kennedy got home, she was so excited to tell me all about losing a tooth at school (she even got a cool tooth necklace to wear it home in) and the Cat in the Hat book that Mr. McAuley sent home with her to practice. She said if she practiced really hard she would read the book aloud to the class the next day. Well, practice she did- I heard that book there times before bedtime. Aside from reading we also worked on Kennedy's all about me poster. 
Tuesday was an exciting day for Kennedy because her practice paid off and she was the first student to get to read a book aloud her all her friends in class. After school, Kennedy's Grandmother had to take care of Kennedy and her brother and sister because her Mommy was sick. We worked together to make her a get well card and it made her smile. 
Wednesday I got to learn all about Dr. Seuess when Kennedy shared her Weekly Reader with me. He sounds like a really cool guy. Kennedy read Green Eggs and Ham to me two times before bedtime and I think I would like to try green eggs and ham sometime. 
Today I finalized my letter to you all and Kennedy and her Mommy worked on getting our pictures together to share with  all of you. I'm so excited about pajama day and reading lots and lots of Dr. Seuess books with you all tomorrow. 
I'm ready for my next adventure. Until then - chirp you later! 

These next pictures are a tad belated, but still worth sharing so I'm including them. This is Kennedy's Valentine box she made for her Valentine's party at school. I totally remember making these in elementary school, don't ya'll? 

Kennedy received 4 balloon-a-grams at school: one from Grey and Ave, one from Honey and Big Jim, one from her friend Izzy and one from Tim and I. She's a loved little girl for sure! 
We made some Valentines to send out to family this year. Some of our Valentines were made with hearts cut out of Valentine color scheme paint chips compliments of Walmart. 
Others we painted with sweet little thumb prints. 
Inside each of them was a note written from Kennedy and either a bookmark or picture or both. I mean, who doesn't love to receive a Valentine, right? 

Speaking of, look at this one that Kennedy made for her Daddy. 
& I got an equally sweet one as well:

Even Avery got a sweet Valentine from Big Sister! 

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  1. How fun! I'm sure Kennedy was all over this project:) I'm not going to lie...the cardinal thing probably wouldn't be allowed to come in our house, but then again a school in Lex wouldn't have a cardinal as a school mascot. Ha! You did an awesome job with fun exciting things to have Red Rocket do. Honestly? I started sweating a bit thinking about how I'll have to be all creative and help with poster boards and the like when the kids start in school. You're always so good with a craft project! Kennedy didn't fall far from the tree:)