Friday, April 11, 2014

All good things.....

.....must come to an end and on Valentine's Day the roads began to clear and by days end the snow started to melt and life was back to normal as we knew it the following day. Thankfully, we made sure to celebrate Valentine's Day and make the most of our last snow day. 

I'm a sucker for a holiday - all holidays really, but sometimes I do a better  job of celebrating, decorating, etc. than others. Since we had no rush to be anywhere and could have a leisurely morning, I made pink heart shaped pancakes for the kids. You know - because, why not? 

 They were pretty excited about their Valentine pancakes, you know - in case you can't tell from Avery's expression! 

 Greyson on the other hand - not super pumped about the pancakes. Food just doesn't excite him really, unless it's some sort of treat. I can't of get that mentality truth be told. 
 After naps, we went into Charlotte to see a friend of mine from highschool - she drove up from Charleston to stay with her in-laws before the snow came because she knew her kids would likely NEVER see snow like that.. She made a good call! The main roads were pretty clear but we had some slippery fun on the neighborhood roads. She actually said that after watching us leave her  in-laws house that afternoon, she decided to spend another night. Ha! Us Southern girls no nothing of driving in snow. My time in KY helped a bit but I'm still pretty cautious.
 I've been friends with Jennifer since my first year in public school (7th grade) and we've remained friends: a blessing for sure. It's crazy to just look at this picture and realize how very much has changed since then! 
 After we said our good bye's to Jennifer, Jake, and Sam - we headed over to my sisters to play in the snow with cousins. They didn't really have a good sled so we took ours along and it was quite a hit. The snow was so wet that we could drag the kids around on the sled and it was big fun. 
 Thanks to Ellie's wardrobe, Grey was able to upgrade his snow attire - complete with pink bibs and boots. 

 She didn't seem to mind as she was doing much snow play anyways. 
 Declan adores his cousin Kennedy. The feeling is mutual! 

 After all the adults were worn out from dragging the kids around on the sled, we headed next door a few houses down and hit up their big ole hill. 

 Grey was all about sledding. I mean, ALL ABOUT it - if we sat him in the sled but didn't immediately shove him off he would start rocking himself to get the sled going and then proceed to grin the biggest grin ever the entire way down. Too funny. 

 I have to pick on my sister in the next few pictures because a)she's my sister, b)I know she reads this blog and c)she laughs at herself better than anyone I know. I'd like to point out her facial expression in stark contrast to Avery's expression of contentment and peace. Bahahahah.
 Apparently sledding is something like riding a bull and so if you put your arm up in a similar fashion - you may stay seated longer in the sled? Not sure if she made it 8 seconds but I'm thinking not. 
 Again, it's not a horse and the ropes are not reins - if you pull them in the direction you want to go it doesn't "steer" the sled. You know, just some pointers for those of you who don't have a lot of sledding under your belt. Like I said, we're Southern and this probably actually was her first rodeo. Ha ha! 
 We may or not have partaken of some adult beverages before this sledding session and so I cannot say whether that contributed to us joining the ranks of the kids or not, but I can say these pictures are hilarious and I'm super glad I have them! 

 Our beautiful babes!

 I hope they all become the BEST OF FRIENDS. If their Mother and I have anything to do with it, they absolutely will! 
 Such a fun way to spend our last snow day! 


  1. You're so right. Those are some AH MAZING shots. I may have to reisgn myself to face book so all the folks who only know i'm still alive because of your blog....don't think i look like that all the time. OH. and thank you for not telling the story about how i almost killed D that day. :)

  2. Ok those sledding pictures made me laugh! Hilarious:) And of course you made pink heart pancakes. You put the rest of us to shame! Little Miss Martha! And I have to add that Cayden has the same issue as Grey. He doesn't care much for food unless it's any sort of snack/treat. His latest is scream/crying for "up-ake" (cupcakes) or cookies while the rest of us are trying to eat dinner. Crazy boys!

  3. I have tried commenting on this lovely blog, like, 3 times. And so now my comment is probably going to be nothing like what I originally wanted. Frustrating.
    Anyways..... I love your pink (white chocolate chip?!!) pancakes!! I may try those next year instead of my grown-up Valentine's Day breakfast that ONLY I at

  4. (yes, that comment above was cut off. Dont know what's going on! But rather than try a 4th time I just hit publish and figured I would finish the rest up here. Technology....)

    Anyways...that last word was supposed to be "ate."

    THe snow pictures make me cold. I dispise snow. But I love a little baby all bundled up like Ralphie (even better that HE is in PINK!). So cute. And Melissa's facial expressions are absolutely cracking me up!!! Her faces make her look like she is going supersonic down that hill, but the kid and the lack of blur behind her makes her look like she's standing still! I actually laughed out loud!