Monday, April 14, 2014


Well - I started this post in October, but never finished it (such is life around here). Before I posted about Avery's 3rd birthday celebration I thought it only fitting that I finish this posting first. Here goes:

It is often how I describe Avery...~Crazy, Cray-Cray, Cah-razy, etc. 

I'm so often asked by friends "what do you mean she's crazy, like how is she crazy"? I cannot answer that question well, but I thought I just might be able to blog my answer. 

Onward with my ode about and someday likely to my sweet Avery Cate. 

Avery is wide open 24/7 - nap or no nap she is going to keep up and and more often than not, leave you in the dust.
She is crazy energetic 
Avery feels deeply - she is happy when she's happy, sad when she's sad and if things aren't on her terms you WILL be aware of it
She is crazy emphatic. 
Avery is a noticer of people - not even necessarily people she knows. Daily she asks some one's name: "what him name, what her name" store clerks, Kennedy's carpool attendants, nurses, receptionists, nursery workers and the list goes on. Do you know what that does? It gives people value - it validates their role as a person as a human and not just a person performing a task and I adore that about her. It causes me to pause and look people in the eye and ask them: "what is your name, my daughter would like to know". 
She's crazy observant. 
Avery has laughter that rises up and bubbles over..spilling out and infecting all around her. It's a deep laughter...a belly laugh - a contagious laugh. 
She's crazy joyful. 
 Avery is not afraid to try new things. She seemingly has no fear and sometimes I'm thankful...other times it makes me a tad nervous. 
Either way...she's crazy brave
 Avery's emotion is intense - mostly she shares good emotion thankfully. 
She's crazy loving from the way she hugs to the 10 times a day or more she says "Momma, I wub you". I wub you all the time. Your my best Momma" 
 From the time her sweet feet hit the floor in the morning until the time they are tucked back in at night this girl is talking. She doesn't need a subject or a question or really even your attention for that matter. 
She's crazy talkative
The only time she's not, is when this is happening: 

 Avery is a free spirit and she beats to the rhythm of her own drum. If you don't want to play with her - no skin off her neck she's fine to play on her own and if you try explaining to her the correct way to perform a specific activity she'll likely do the exact opposite. 
She's crazy independent. 
 This girl is a jokester - sometimes I can't comprehend what she's saying but she's tickled with herself either way. She can get almost punch drunk in hysteria and sometimes I don't even know what led her there. 
She's crazy silly
 I'm pretty sure I mentioned earlier in this post that Avery will go, go, and go some more. She's not going to let you think she needs to slow down or stop or even take a break. She's crazy playful
 From the not so sweet... the practically angelic...
 ...and back to the not so sweet again....
She's crazy expressive
 There have been days where I've thought it was time to drop Avery's nap but in the end it usually ends up with her being sent to her room for behavior and then this happens: 
She's crazy stubborn
 My favorite way to describe her which really doesn't have a word per say is "out loud". She just lives out loud - in every way. You're going to know what she's thinking, what she's feeling and what she wants to do or doesn't want to do. When she's up she's WAY UP and when she's down you're hard pressed not to go down with her. Even the simple in life becomes BIG with Avery. For example: "Avery, what do you think of your s'more?" = 
She's endearing, she's gentle, she's passionate, she's loyal, she's frustrating, she's challenging, but most of all she's mine and I'm ever so thankful God gave her to me because more than anything, she's a GIGANTIC BLESSING. 
 To my baby girl who just turned three - you are going to do big things. BIG, BIG things! 
 I'm so glad I've got a front row seat. 
 For now and for always. 

You have already taught me so much about being a parent, about how to love more deeply than I thought possible. I hope you always know the treasure you are - no matter how many times I share your "crazy" with others. 


  1. Precious! I absolutely love this personality post and love Avery to bits. You summed her up perfectly. Love her crazy heart!!

  2. Oh wow Lindsy. I love this. I LOVE THIS. Such a wonderful blog post about your beautiful middle child. I cried. I love the way mommies write about their babies and you captured your Crazy Avery perfectly. :)

  3. I love this!! You really captured her! Such a sweetheart:) (And how in the world did I miss her birthday!!! I feel like the world's worst "Aunt"!)

  4. that was awesome, babe. perfect.