Thursday, March 8, 2012

Friends and Snow

Not long ago Adalyn got to come over for the day to stay with us because her normal caregiver had sick kiddos. for her sitter but yay for us because it was an all day playdate at our house. I was interested to see how much she and Avery would interact, but Adalyn was WAY more interested in Kennedy probably becuase she's a "big girl" .
Kennedy is still all into dancing and dressing in dance clothes and Adalyn was most intrigued by the whole thing. She was intently observing and then seemed eager to join so we got out Kennedy's old ballet duds and put them on Adalyn and voila ~ two ballerinas! Too cute.....

Check the form - oh yeah!
They had such a good day and she was a total peach as usual  - we loved having her and Kennedy loved having a little buddy that is more mobile than her little sister:
This week we had another all day play date with a friend from church named Hayden. Lucky for us he came over on the snow day so they got TONS of outdoor exercise. Tired kiddos = happy Momma's, can I get an amen?

What's better than making snow angel's with one of your best buds?!
I'm so thankful that my kiddos have little friends that they enjoy spending time with and I'm thankful I have friends that can call on me when they need me and I know I can do the same.

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  1. So so sweet! I love that our girls are growing up together like "cousins" since they don't have real cousins around:) The dress up was too cute:)