Saturday, March 10, 2012

Big Baby Girl

On March 1st my sweet Avery Cate turned 1 year old. Because her birthday party was actually planned for today, we didn't do a ton on her actual day but she did get some cards and enjoy a cupcake. This girl loves a card...especially if it sings! This one is from her Great Grandma:
Her big sister did the honor of singing Happy Birthday. Don't you love that she is in ballet attire even for this? I'm telling you - the girl is never in normal clothing when we are at home!
Avery has never really had anything like this to eat before so I wasn't sure what she would do:
Well, let me just tell you: she picked that entire cupcake up (which was to split...if even that between she and her big sister) and proceeded to shove it into her face. Ha!  
No, seriously - this is AMAZING! She got that from me....her love of sweets! :) Although it is called "the colossal cupcake"...I'm pretty sure I could have taken it solo. Embarrassing maybe, but completely true. 

Sweet little expression
Avery loves balloons, so when I picked up her cupcake I snagged a balloon too. 
It was a huge hit!

Her well check up was this past week and all she wanted to do was tear the exam room table paper in pieces and then eat it - niiice real niice...
When I would tell her "no no Avery, don't eat that" - I would get this face:
Such a big and curious girl:
Basically I just can't get enough of her little bum bum and roly poly body in a cloth diaper - it's just sweet if you ask me!
And some more of the face we've affectionately taken to calling "mean mug"!

She got three shots and did really well...hardly cried at all. Her stats were amusing - 80th percentile for head circumference, 60th percentile for weight and 15th percentile for height (poor girl...her Daddy and I are short). Here are her little "war wounds":

Next up - party pics!!

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  1. She is such a cutie!!! I love those rolls too!! Addi used to have those and outgrew them but I used to take lots of pics of those sweet rolls... Too bad they aren't so cute as an adult!! LOL LOVE Avery's "mean mug." It's amazing that she's already a year old! Lori