Wednesday, March 28, 2012

1/2 way

I'm officially 1/2 way through my pregnancy - crazy! I will tell you this - this little kid will be seriously close to the kid I just had, like yesterday (okay..slight exaggeration but you follow me) but having them this close together has a tendency to make your pregnancy FLY by. When I was pregnant with Kennedy it was like clock watching - it seriously felt like it took sweet forevah. This little one - well it's a complete 180...I feel like I just found out.

Speaking of finding out things, we found out on Friday the 16th that we are having a BOY! We are so very excited I don't really have the words to describe it. I am from a family of four girls and as a family of four girls, we've also only had girls until one of my sisters finally broke the mold and blessed us with a sweet little boy in September. This news of another boy is just extra sweet because now my sisters little one will have a buddy instead of drowning in a sea of all things Disney, pink, dress up and princess (and all the momma's of boys said? Amen!)

When our ultrasound technician revealed the gender I was literally in shock, but thankfully not to in shock to ask her to take a picture with my cell phone. The picture she took is how we shared the news with family and friends via text messages and then later on Facebook. Because it's a cell picture, it's not the best quality but it's still cute enough to share:
He was very interested in his hand during the ultrasound...wonder if we'll have a little thumb sucker on our hands.
Kennedy's reaction to the news was pretty low-key to say the least. If I may paraphrase her general demeanor and reaction it went a little something like this: "Duh Mom, I told you it was a Avery has a baby to play with and I can finally have you all to myself again". (Creative liberties were clearly taken in the paraphrasing because if my 4 yr. old ever said "duh" someone may need to call the authorities). Bless her sugar sweet heart...she doesn't have a clue whats about to happen to her little world even though I remind you: we just did this a year ago! I digress...when the tech asked Kennedy: "do you see him sweetie" she looked a the floating side shot of his profile and was like "no" and then the tech flipped it over to 4D or whatever you call these fancy ultrasounds and then she saw him:)
Again with the thumb:
I chose not to embarrass him on Facebook, but I figure for my faithful 2 blog readers -it's ok: here's the proof!
When we were pregnant with Avery, we decided to be surprised by her sex upon delivery and therefore had picked out both boy and girl names. We still love our "boy name" and will be using it on this little guy - without further ado: his name will be Greyson Ross after a dear friend I had growing up named John Grey Young and Tim's Grandfather who is no longer with us: Ross Junior Taylor. I love that with each of my children we will be able to share with them the legacy of whose name they hold and why we chose it for them. We are undecided if we will refer to him as Greyson or just simply Grey but either way I love it and I'm loving just calling him makes my heart happy!

Sundays are always crazy and that is when we took my 20 week picture so sadly due to scheduling sweet little Avery didn't make it in the photo :(.


  1. Some things: (yes, I must organize my thoughts this brain, ya know)

    1) I remember "watching" Kennedy bake was like watching a pot of water try to boil. JUST HAPPEN ALREADY! And then the same with Keagan. And I am in 100% complete agreeance with you...(is agreeance a word???...)this darn pregnancy has FLOWN. And it flippin' scares me b/c I.AM.NOT.READY.

    2) I love how you announced "it" was a BOY...even if my darn phone never let me have that picture. Bah-humbug. But I must ask, how would you have gotten Avery to participate in spelling out GIRL? hehehe...just kidding. I am with Kennedy: DUH, Mom, I KNEW it was a Boy! ;) Don't know why/how but it felt right. (for you AND me)

    3) I am glad you embarrassed Greyson on your blog. At least my boys won't be able to say I am the only one that ever did that to them. Thank you.

    4) I love the name. But you knew that over a year ago ;) And whether you go with Grey or Greyson, I am thrilled (not that you needed my blessing)

    5) I don't think you've grown from 16 to 20 weeks. You look super fantastic and I might be jealous b/c I can honestly say I have to now bend forward to see my toes. WHAT?!! :)


  2. Yay for boys!!! So fun that we're all having boys. I'm so happy for you and Tim:)

  3. I am SO excited for you and Abby to be having BOYS together. Seriously, God? Could you have planned this any better?? Blessings to all of you Lindsy and especially that baby boy growing inside you!! LOVE his name! xo

  4. You look awesome! I am also very excited about Greyson! Yay for a baby boy. Are you going to know what to do with a boy? I'm so excited for all of you, but poor Kennedy is going to have a earth shattering realization when she finds out that she isn't getting her mommy back to herself! I just love her logic though!